Monday, June 14, 2010

Super late APOM + Giveaway Winnings! + NOTD ft. ELF "Smoky Brown"

I know I'm superrrr late this month for doing my "A piece of me" post. Sorry! This game was created by the lovely Shirley of Notes from the Toothfairy. Click the link to learn more about the game & join!
This month...
I like
  • MAC blushes
  • Taking Happy for walks
  • Sleeping in until whenever
I don't like
  • How it's super cold at night but extremely hot during the day
  • That a house is being built across the street from me... & it's so loud all the time
  • The heat & humidity!
I want you to know
  • I've got a lot of reviews planned
  • I'm working on re-designing our Tanimoto Dharma Designs website
  • I'm sooo grateful that I've made it to 480+ followers! Thank you all! :D
I've planned
  • Errr... starting to plan a 500 followers giveaway?
I want to say to someone special
  • Missed you guys and I'm glad we've been getting to hang out and catch up. I guess it was a good thing that you finally nagged me into getting a FB :P

Also, I recently won an awesome giveaway hosted by the lovely Sammie of SammiesaurusREX! Everything is so carefully wrapped... and leopard print stationary!! Hehe.
And she was sooo generous with the prizes!!! Now I have lots of new review material : )

Thank you sooo much, Sammie! ♥
I luurve everything and pretty much immediately starting trying out everything right after I opened the box haha. ;)

Also, here are the nails I've been sporting lately. This is ELF's "Smoky Brown" which is the perfect shade of dark taupe. I LOVE IT. Goes on very smooth and glossy. 2 coats would have been fine but I did 3 just to make things more even. I think it's a gorgeous shade and I like it so much that I almost want to re-do this manicure and wear it for another week!

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