Tuesday, July 6, 2010


It has been brought to my attention that someone, aka "aaa" has left an extremely rude comment in my chatbox:

"I can't believe you deleted my comment with explanations of what exactly happened in Asia. So you just want people to agree with you while continuing with the risk of getting serious eye infections. Online sellers have no licenses to sell those lenses. That's why it's illegal and not safe. If you w worms growing in your eyes, please go ahead and try running the risk of buying online and getting fake lenses passed off as real ones. Go and live in your own world where you think you are right."

Um, excuse me???? I RECEIVED NO SUCH COMMENT. Maybe YOU are the one who is "living in your own world where you think you are right!" Surely, if I did get your comment, I would have replied, just like I do to everyone else. I listen and respond to everyone's opinions (but it doesn't always mean I have to agree with them). But for you to say such things to me, is very offensive! I have not even gotten your comment at all!

Maybe if you repost it, I will change my mind. But until then, I will stick to my stand that there has been no huge outcry about the dangers of circle lenses in Asia. And if there really was, like you said, then why didn't NYT do proper research, and report about it? Maybe YOU should inform them of this. That is my biggest gripe with the article. There was no actual research being done, no supported sources. If you truly know a lot about this issue, please DO contact NYT and inform THEM, instead of attacking ME.

I know that IntenseDebate sometimes tweaks out and I personally have been having problems commenting other people's blogs lately. So before jumping to conclusions, maybe you should have tried reposting your comment again?

Also, most people have the common sense to do their research before buying. Reputable companies are out there, obviously. They sponsor people and have positive reviews. They buy directly from the manufacturer... and they have anti-fake stickers. I would think all the youtube gurus who review these lenses would KNOW if there was something wrong with them or TELL US if they weren't authentic and WARN US not to buy from the company. But they don't, because the company is not selling fake lenses! Not EVERYONE is selling fake lenses, and proper research greatly mitigates the chances that you'll end up buying from an unreputable source. And let me say again, THERE ARE THE SAME DANGERS WITH REGULAR CONTACT LENSES.

So yes, please do repost your comment and cite your sources. Enlighten me.

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