Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Haul Post: What I brought back from Oahu (:

Hey everyone! It feels like I've been away for awhile from blogger, haha XP Anywho, I recently went to Oahu for my cousin's 1st bday party, so I also had a chance to do some shopping! :D

Here's what I brought back:


Coach Poppy Perfume, Time Balm Concealer, & Boscia Purifying Cleansing Gel
(My 100 point perk). I had been needing a new perfume lately, so I opted to try Coach Poppy because it smells super delicious and the bottle is adorable! :) Will be doing a review on that soon. Also, after reading Agnes' review on The Balm's Time Balm Concealer, I really wanted to try it out! It is super creamy and and has great coverage, but like all my other concealers, inevitably ends up creasing on me by the end of the day. It does make a great base though and conceals my redness and dark circles perfectly. Lately as well, I have been finding that no matter what concealer I use, my eyeliner will end up smudging below my eyes! And I've been using my normally budge-proof Wet N Wild Mega Eyes Cream Liner... I think it's because the weather is so damn humid during the day ~_~ Can't wait for the weather to get cooler!


Fleur Power Blush, Richer, Lusher Cremesheen Glass, Pro Longwear Concealer in NW25, and a sample of Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder. I had been wanting the blush & cremesheen glass for awhile now (swatches of those coming up), and our Hilo Macy's MAC counter was aggravating me too much... so I figured I'd pick them up while I was on Oahu. I went to the freestanding store and got a super nice, super helpful MUA this time, yey :) I also decided to try out the Pro Longwear Concealer and she matched me to NW25, which kind of threw me off because I always thought I'd be an NC. But she said these concealer shades run a little different, so I should try the NW. It does seem pretty accurate, but I'll keep testing it and see how it does. She also gave me a sample of the transparent finishing powder to set the concealer. So far, I love that it is in a cute little pump bottle and I haven't had problems controlling the amount of concealer that comes out.


Got my Korilakkuma fix!!! Of course ;) An air freshener, a mousepad, 3 keychains, and a mechanical pencil. And 2 cute little plastic containers with heart cutouts on the side! Adorable and only like $2 ^__^


Kanebo Naive Foaming Cleanser (love this stuff), Koji Eye Tape, Koji Spring Heart false lashes, and NYX Nail Polishes. I've been wanting to try out eyelid tape for awhile now, so I decided to pick this one up. It was like $5. It isn't double-sided though :( We'll see how it goes. I also wanted to get some good Asian false lashes. But holy crap I had no idea how expensive the Dolly Wink lashes are! $17 is kind of a lot for false lashes, even if they are gorgeous :[ So I opted for the Koji Spring Heart brand which is $5. So far, I love these lashes! The band is rigid but flexible (if that makes any sense :P) and it feels super comfortable when on. The glue it comes with is also really good. The lash band length is also shorter than American-brand lashes, so I don't have to cut them to fit my eyes! They also are just the right length and volume. Not too long and not too short, not too dramatic but definitely noticeable. Will do a review w/ pictures soon :)


My beloved $10 Fruit of the loom bras ahaha :P Seriously though, those bras are the ish. The sizing is a little weird though, but when you find the right size, they're awesome! The best fit and lift I've ever tried for such a great price ;) The other stuff I got: High Definition Angled Blush Brush, Super cute pink crystal penguin keychain, and Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Peach Petal. I've been on the lookout for a good angled blush brush for awhile now, and I think I've finally found THE ONE. We don't have this brand where I live but I'd heard a bit about it so I was super happy to find it on Oahu! This brush is so soft, but most importantly, it's DENSE. It can easily pick up blush and apply it perfectly. It's not floppy and scratchy like other angled blush brushes I've tried. It still doesn't take the place of my fav EcoTools blush brush, but it's pretty darn close. Will do a review of this soon as well :) I'll also swatch the Revlon Peach Petal with the rest of my Super Lustrous Lipglosses. I thought I'd really love Peach Petal, but sadly, I don't think I do :(

Anywho, I hope everyone has been having a good week so far! Will be back soon with lots of reviews!

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