Monday, October 18, 2010

Review & Swatches: Glamour Doll Eyes Eyeshadows

Hey everyone! Here today to share some thoughts & swatches on 6 eyeshadows I got from Glamour Doll Eyes! I have not had many good experiences with loose powder eyeshadows (or loose powder anything, for that matter :P), but I've read several positive reviews on the brand and their products, so I was totally game to try them out! :) Glamour Doll Eyes specializes in mineral eyeshadows and their products are FDA approved. Currently they only have shadow collections & lashes in stock though.

The shadows arrived in about a week, nothing broken or spilling, of course! Also with very nice, pretty, professional business cards!

I got 6 shadows:
Top row -- Phyrra, Boyfriend Sweater, Grease Lightning
Bottom row -- Lovers Lane, Glam Girl, Victorian

The packaging is super cute and conveniently labeled!
No sifters in this smaller size, but those irritate me anyway :P

Here's what they look like:
Top row -- Phyrra, Boyfriend Sweater, Grease Lightning
Bottom row -- Lovers Lane, Glam Girl, Victorian

(some may look a bit chunky and others smooth... they just settle differently)

(Same order as above)
All swatched over Time Balm Concealer in Medium.

The shadows, when swatched over a base, are SO GORGEOUS! Bright, vibrant, and bold. The shadows are very finely milled and smooth. They go on easily and very pigmented!

Phyrra is a purpley-fuschia with aqua sparkles.
Boyfriend Sweater is a light taupe-y brown.
Grease Lightning is a nice olivey mix of green/gold.
Lovers Lane is a deep, metallic red.
Glam Girls is a bright, vibrant purple.
Victorian is a very deep red-violety purple.

Grease Lightning & Glam Girl are my favorites :)

Without a base, these shadows are on the sheer side (and messy -- this is why I don't like working with loose powders! :P). They still offer some good pigmentation (Lovers Lane & Victorian being the most pigmented, Grease Lightning & Boyfriend Sweater in the middle, and Phyrra & Glam Girl being the least pigmented). It requires a lot of layering. So I would highly recommend using a base first, they adhere quite nicely and don't have as much fallout.

Overall, I am impressed with these shadows! I just love how vibrant they are when used over a base. If you're looking for a huge variety of shades to choose from and bold, bright, & vibrant pigmentation, I would definitely give Glamour Doll Eyes a shot! Will be doing some looks with these shades soon :)

The Rundown:

Super cute, nicely labeled jars. Caps screw on securely.

Product: 4/5
Gorgeous shades, super pigmented over a base! Some shadows are more pigmented than others though, and I prefer not to work with them dry/without a base.

Price: 5/5
I'm not sure on the exact prices ATM since only collections are on sale right now, but I know that the prices for individual shadows vary by amount, around $1.50-$6 depending on how much you want. So you can try sample sizes for less, or opt for the full size!


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Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this post were sent to me for review by the company.
This is my 100% honest opinion and experience with the products.

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