Sunday, October 31, 2010

Super late swatches: MAC Venemous Villains Strange Potion Lipglass

Hey everyone! I know this is suuuuper late haha, but I figure better late than never! :) Just wanted to share some pictures and swatches of Strange Potion lipglass!

I liked the LE outer packaging.

But alas, the lipgloss packaging itself is quite tacky -_-;
Although I do think the Evil Queen had the nicest packaging!

Strange Potion is described as a "Soft coral pink"

And I must agree! I adore this shade. It's a gorgeous muted-coraly pink with slight shimmer. It's a great "tame" coral for everyday wear, not too bold but gives a pretty pop of color.

It's also surprisingly semi-opaque and covers my lip pigmentation rather well in just one layer :)

Did you get anything from MAC Venemous Villains?
Do you have Strange Potion?
Love it or leave it? (:

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