Monday, November 1, 2010

Review: Japanese 3D Nails -- Black French Nail Art with Roses, heart, Rhinestones, & Pearl Beads [Set 1 of 4]

Hey everyone! Just wanted to apologize for the lack of posting lately =[ Life has gotten so hectic recently... school, work, relationships.... even though I can find the time to blog, I just haven't found the motivation :( But I'm here today to share a review of....


I was so fortunate to be sent 4 pairs of nails for review!
Each nail set comes in its own cute little box: specializes in 100% custom, handmade 3D japanese style nails. They make the nails specifically to your nail measurements to ensure a perfect fit. I also asked if the length of my nails could be shortened a bit. They came out PERFECT!'s customer service is also FANTASTIC. Extremely quick and friendly replies to all of my questions and concerns :)

The nails are SO gorgeous; extremely detailed and intricate, but also very durable! I have been wearing one set for over a week now, and NO gems or deco pieces have fallen off!
You also get:
  • One free 3g nail glue each order (10g nail glue with brush if your order more than 4 nail sets).
  • 10 pieces of Professional double-sided nail tape for each nail set.
  • Nail file (360Grit for filing nail surface and for sharpening of the nail)
  • Repair package (in the event gems, crystals or nail art fall off)

Black French Nail Art with Roses, heart, Rhinestones, and Pearl Beads($40.99)

And two custom, original sets!

I was completely blown away by the absolute gorgeousness of all of these nails! I'll be reviewing the Black French Nail Art with Roses, heart, Rhinestones, and Pearl Beads set first.

Since they had black tips, I thought it would be good to wear during October =]
They're very "gothic lolita" ♥

These nails are great for special occasions but I personally love the gyaru style so I don't have a problem wearing them every day ^__^

One thing to note though, is that these nails are rather long in length. So if you're not used to long nails, they take some getting used to! After I got used to them though, I had no problems typing, opening things, etc.

Also, make sure to use a good amount of glue! I had about 4 nails pop off during the course of the week because I didn't put enough glue in the beggining. But after a thick, even coat, the nails had no problem staying on. None of the decorations fell off either, but since the nails come with replacement gems and such, you can easily replace gems if they fall off.

Overall, I am in LOVE with this set! Got a lot of compliments & "Oooh, can I touch them?!" Hehe =] Thank you so much,! Definitely check them out if you're a fan of kawaii hime-gyaru style japanese 3D nail art! ^__^

The Rundown:
Super cute packaging! Perfect for storing.

Product: 5/5
Amazing detail and quality. 100% Handmade to YOUR specifications!

Price: 4/5
These nails quite pricey if you're trying to stick to beauty on a budget, but you get what you pay for, and you're paying for the highest quality!

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Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this post were sent to me for review by the company.
This is my 100% honest opinion and experience with the product.

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