Sunday, December 5, 2010

Circle Lens Review: G&G Puffy 3-Tone Gray & Green, EOS J-202 Candy Doll Violet, & Hello Kitty Lens Kit (Pic Heavy!)

Hi everyone! Here today to do more circle lens reviews! I have a Hello Kitty contact lens kit to review as well (: This post is PIC HEAVY, so if you don't want to see 5863491738 pictures of my face/eyes, feel free to pass ;)

These lenses were sent to me for review purposes from
Kiwiberry1's Collection!
I would highly recommend them for their great prices, helpful & friendly customer service, wide selection of circle lenses, and fast, hassle-free shipping!

I also made a video here, if you want to see these lenses "in action":

Here are the lenses I received, from top to bottom:
G&G 3-Tone Puffy Green
G&G 3-Tone Puffy Gray
EOS J-202 Baby Candy Doll Violet

This is my first experience with G&G circle lenses, and my second experience with EOS circle lenses. I was really intrigued with the Puffy series, as I'd seen pictures and the color seemed very vibrant. And boy, do they NOT disappoint! The G&G Puffy 3-Tones are VERY bold and bright. VERY noticeable. They remind me of my Geo Twins, except less "freaky." They are 14.5 mm, so they do enlarge my eyes, and make my pupils seem especially large, which is a bit freaky but still not as freaky as the Geo Twins -- The pattern & color "blends" a lot better on my eyes than the harsh pattern of the Twins. If you're looking for vibrantly colored lenses, I'd definitely suggest these!
The EOS Baby Candy Doll Violets are a smaller diamter (14mm), so they look a little more "natural" in regards to size. The color does not show up on my eyes at all in natural light, they just look really dark. But they do give a really pretty jewel-like glossy shine to my eyes, which I like a lot :) They violet does show up very well in flash photos though. These are great for slight enlargement and "shiny" anime-esque eyes ;)
All of these lenses are very comfortable, and I have had no issues while wearing them other than the inevitable slight dryness and blurring. I've worn the Puffy grays for around 5+ hours, and the Baby Candy Doll Violets for 7+ hours. The Puffys are great for pictures and cosplay since the color is so noticeable, but the Baby Candy Doll Violets are definitely my favorite because they're more suitable for everyday wear.

EOS J-202 Baby Candy Doll Violet

Btw - experimenting again with drawing on falsies... triple-winged liner just for the heck of it :) For more anime-esque eyes ^.^

These are my favorite of the three because they are the most "natural" looking. The diameter is 14mm, so they don't enlarge too much. The color does not show up IRL on my eyes, but is bright violet in flash photos. I actually like that the color shows up rather dark (nearly black) on my eyes. These lenses give my eyes a certain shiny/glossy appearance. The effect is subtle yet noticeable. If you're looking for shiny dolly eyes, I'd try these out! These aren't for you if you're looking for vibrant colored violet lenses (besides in photos).

G&G Puffy Green

I was a little intimidated by these at first, since the color is SO bright, but they're starting to grow on me. They are similar to my Green Geo Twins, color-wise. The limbal ring is thick & dark, but it's actually made up of tiny little dots. It then fades into a bright aqua-green, then gold around the pupil hole. The color fading transition and pattern of these lenses are not as "harsh" as the Geo Twins, so I think the color blends a lot nicer on my eyes. Of course, it is still not natural looking, but it's a lot "softer" than the twins. I would recommend these lenses more for just pictures or cosplay. They're a little too bold for me for everyday wear. The color is VERY intense!

G&G Puffy Gray

I was the most excited to try these, since I've been looking for the perfect pair of gray lenses for FOREVER. These also have the same dark limbal ring that fades into a bright gray, then gold. These are pretty and GREAT for pictures because they give a kind of "mysterious" look, but they are very obviously unnatural in real life. I would feel really self-conscious wearing these out in public because the color is super noticeable and might freak people out :/ I think these would be awesome for cosplay as well though, and they look gorgeous in pictures!

Hello Kitty Lens Kit

I also received this awesome lens kit! Okay, I must admit I'm not a fan of Hello Kitty... LOL. But this lens kit is sooo cute! And so useful!

Travel kit contains:-Sturdy plastic case
-contact lens case
-contact spoon/stick
-bottle for liquid solution
*Solution bottle cap & lens case cap may vary in color (green/orange/pink)

(Get it here)
I LOVE the tweezers!!! I've been wearing false nails lately so taking out my lenses has been a problem (putting them in isn't a problem though), so the tweezers were life savers!!! This kit is $8 and is PERFECT for when you're travelling, or just to throw in your purse incase you need to take out your contact lenses while on the go. I definitely would love to see more designs with other characters!!! These kits are AWESOME :)

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