Friday, December 17, 2010

Custom iPhone 4 Theme & my old iTouch Theme (Non Beauty-Related :P)

Hey everyone! I've resurfaced again, haha! School is finally over for me so I'll have a few weeks of break before it's back to the daily grind. I'll try to get some reviews in since I'll have more time to spare :) I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas & Happy New Years in advance!!! :D

Anywho, I mentioned a few posts back that I recently got an iPhone 4. Of course, I jailbroke almost immediately :P (I used limera1n and it worked perfectly. But this was like a month ago -- I recently JB'd 2 of my friend's iP4s, and it took a lot longer and had some glitches. So maybe this break might start crapping out soon?). So anywho, lately I've been working on custom-theming it, which has been a lot harder than I anticipated... but just felt like sharing what I've done so far =]

This is my old theme of my 2nd Gen iTouch:

Coding and tweaking was super easy to learn.
I created all the icons, background, dock, and status bar myself :]

However, theming for iP4 is quite the challenge.
The customizations that I used on my touch don't work with 4.1 :[ Everything is entirely different. There's cooler apps and whatnot, but less options for themes, and even though I've googled like a madwoman, I only found one worthwhile tutorial for full custom-theming, and even that didn't work out entirely for me :[

Anywho, here's what I have so far:

My current Springboard setup:
  • Black Navigation Bars
  • MakeItMine app to change appearance of Carrier logo & Banner
  • LiveClock
  • Notifier (not shown in this screenshot)
  • Custom background made by myself
  • iBlanks to rearrange app icons however I want
  • Five Icon Dock
  • Custom dock image
  • Emoji app lets you use different emoticons instead of just text (free from the App store)
  • Custom Folder Icon & Folder Switcher backgrounds
  • BiteSMS (this is THE SHIT!)
  • Cydia, Winterboard, Installous, & Skyfire in the iPwn'd folder :]

Close-up of the custom Folder Icon backgrounds (tokidoki ^.^) and custom Folder Switcher background. Both made by me. Sorrrry if you like Hello Kitty, 'cause I don't! LOL XD

What my Lockscreen looks like. Custom background made by me. I tried using LockInfo and SimplScreen, but they glitched out and wouldn't work right for me :/

A superrrr cute Rilakkuma calculator app I got off Installous :]
Makes me smile~

...Still a work in progress =]

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