Monday, December 26, 2011

EOTD: NYX Glitter Cream Palette in Sweet Chocolate Brown

I decided to try out this glitter palette from my last NYX haul a couple weeks ago. Although these palettes are super pretty and nice to look at, I don't think I'll be using mine that often XD

The pros are that the glitter is not gritty at all and it's easy to smooth/pat on. It also applies pretty evenly and it doesn't take a lot of layers to build the glitter up. It's very pretty and shiny and adds a pop of sparkle to my eyes :3

The cons are that it does settle into creases very quickly :/ Also I guess I made the "mistake" of applying it BEFORE putting falsies on. When I tried to put my lashes (NYX's Exclusive and Nostalgia layered together) on, the glue had a hard time adhering to my lids... I guess because of the waxy base of the glitter.

I also got glitter all over my face taking it off >_< But it wasn't too bad to take off, it came off pretty quickly. Overall though, because of the creasing and issues w/ lash glue, I'll probably be using this palette sparingly!

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