Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hair Update: Back to dark hair w/ L'Oreal Feria Midnight Ruby

After having my red hair for about the past 3 months, I finally tired of maintaining it and decided to go back to a darker shade. Usually I'm kind of wary of going back to dark after having a lighter shade because I feel like it washes me out and makes me look like a vampire :x However I was pretty pleased with this shade :3

I used L'Oreal Feria hair dye in Midnight Ruby. It is described as a "light auburn black" with red tones, but I found it to be distinctly more purple-toned. This was great because after red, I had been considering going purple, but decided for this subtler option so I wouldn't have to maintain it as much. It pretty closely matches the shade on the box. I really like the conditioner that came with it. It made my hair nice and smooth, sleek, and shiny. My hair is always damaged and dry from repeated colorings, but it looks really healthy now after this dye!


The biggest downside is that it seems to fade really fast. It's only been 2 days and 1 wash since the first wash after dying it, and it already looks to be fading out in places and becoming slightly more brownish. Admittedly I am washing with hot water (it's just too cold here right now to go without! XP) and not using a shampoo specified for color-treated hair; but still, I had expected it to last longer because it's a black shade. So I guess I'll be monitoring how it fades over the next week... will probably have to touch up very soon~ But overall I still like the color!

Another thing to note though is the smell. It has this scent serum you add in that's supposed to give a "pleasant coloring experience" or something like that... but even with that, I found it to just smell soooo strong! The ammonia scent is much stronger and harsher than any other dye I have ever used! It really made my eyes burn/water. So if you're sensitive to that kind of thing; might want to avoid this dye.

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