Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Review: Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Charm & Precious

These seem to be all the rage lately! Unfortunately, I've come to find out these lip stains just aren't my thing :( I got these in Charm and Precious.

Left to right: Precious, Charm

Price: around $8 from stores like Walmart or Target

What they say: It’s a pampering balm fused with a lightweight lipstain in an adorable chubby crayon. Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain gives softer, smoother lips with a perfect flush of color that lasts hour after hour. The gel formula comes in 12 vibrant shades that match any look or mood.

-Lightweight Lipstain + Moisturizing Balm
-100% of women who tried it felt their lips were instantly moisturized with a soft stain of color
-Retractable chubby crayon, no sharpener required

What to do:
Step 1: Apply Just Bitten Kissable™ Balm Stain evenly to clean, bare lips. Build color and coverage as desired.
Step 2: Reapply as desired for moisturizing shine throughout the day.

What's in it: (Will update w/ ingredients)

Charm is a peachy-nude shade and Precious is a pinky-beige nude shade.

The good stuff:
  • Lots of shades to choose from
  • Not nearly as drying as I thought they would be
  • In fact, slightly moisturizing at first
  • Decently pigmented nude shades
  • Has a hint of glossiness
  • Nice minty smell
  • Does stain your lips & lasts long
The low-down:
  • Settles into lip lines... doesn't look good over dry lips
  • Ends up drying out my lips after an hour or so
  • These nude shades stain rather vibrantly... AND NOT NUDE!!!
My take: I wanted to like these, I really did! They start out very pretty but after an hour of wear, things start to change...

Here's Charm:

On my lips it starts out as a pretty nude peach pink shade. I like that these lip stains offer some glossiness. I was also surprised because I was expecting them to really drag across my lips -- my lips are really dry and my lip lines are really visible. However this lipstain was more on the glossy side than I anticipated so it does offer a tiny bit of hydration and glides over my lips without dragging. It does however visibly settle into lip lines. After several hours of wear, my lips also became rather dry. But still, not nearly as dry as I had expected... and my lips dry out from practically any lip product I use anyway. It's just nice that this lip stain does retain a bit of balm-like properties.

The disappointing part was the actual STAIN effect. I had got these NUDE shades specifically because I was under the impression that they would stain NUDE. However, they do the EXACT OPPOSITE! Charm stains my lips a very bright pink-coral-peach color. Definitey not my cup of tea!!! Way too bright for my tastes :/

Charm after 4 hours:

Precious fared a little better on me than Charm. It is a beige-pink nude shade.

Precious after 4 hours:

However, it still stains my lips a rather pinkish peach shade. More subdued than Charm, yes. But it's still not the NUDE that I wanted!

Overall, I really love the concept -- it IS a good lip stain -- but this was just a really disappointing buy because of the stain effect with these particular shades. It's weird because I read a handful of reviews that said these nude shades didn't have any stain effect at all on them. But I also read reviews from people who had the same color-changing issue as me. So maybe it's something to do with our individual body chemistry reacting to these shades? I dunno. I just don't like it.

Would I repurchase/recommend?
I would not repurchase these shades nor any others, as I only was interested in the nudes. The other darker shades seem good as a stain from what I've seen in other reviews though. I would not recommend this to anyone looking for a NUDE lip stain. It seems pretty likely that it will a) either not stain at all, or b) stain your lips a vibrant not-at-all-nude color. I would recommend this to anyone who likes lip stains and doesn't mind if it stains your lips a bright shade since it does have nice balm-like properties which would fare better on those who don't have dry, chapped lips like I do.

The Rundown:

Packaging: 5/5
A cute chubby twist-up stick.

Product: 2/5
Nice concept, but rating solely based on these nude shades... it's just not what I expected nor wanted. Has balm-like properties but stains way too vibrant for my tastes and dries out my lips.



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  1. thanks for yr review :)
    btw, I love your smokey eye makeup!

  2. it looks really good even though it's not nude like you said. i guess those shades are good for baby pink then :)

    pandaphilia style


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