Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Abuse is not a contest!

I came across this article the other day. I would be lying if I said it made me a little upset. It made me OUTRAGED.

You may have heard of the "Puppy Doe" case, about a pitbull mix puppy that was found last summer, so severely beaten and emaciated that she could not be saved and had to be put to sleep. The abuser has since been convicted and charged, and there was a huge outpouring of support over this case.

The aforementioned article has expressed the absolute WORST opinions you ever could about this heart-wrenching issue of animal abuse. I struggle to even comprehend how the author has justified her reasoning...

A quote from the article:
"I understand the public disgust about the torture of creatures that are helpless and defenseless.  What I don’t get is why abuse and torture of human innocents rarely generates the same grass roots anger and outrage. And I don’t understand why an abused dog will always unite communities in sympathy."

Abuse is not a contest! Be it animal or human, she should blame the MEDIA for what gets covered, NOT the innocents who were victims of abuse! How can you even insinuate that just because the Puppy Doe case garnered a lot of support, that that means abused animals ALWAYS get more attention than abused humans? "What I don’t get is why abuse and torture of human innocents rarely generates the same grass roots anger and outrage." -- Have you watched or read the news, EVER???

Animals have no voice to speak up for themselves. People do. EVERY case of abuse deserves justice and attention. We are their only hope when atrocities like this happen, that are SO terrible, they must be made known. If this person wasn't caught, they could have moved on to harming humans!

I was honestly so sickened by her commentary on the case and was happy to see many commentors agreeing. She deserves every bit of backlash she gets for this poorly thought-out article.


  1. what is wrong with some ppl seriously!

  2. lolll oh my goodness, I hate to bash people but damn, that lady is not only ignorant but self-righteous about it too. I can't imagine her route of logic there...

    Also, poor puppy! I've been seeing more animal abuse cases in the news & I hope it's not an increase in frequency but just better coverage of these awful stories...

    zozo @


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