Monday, June 1, 2009

EOTD & FOTD, Eki's contest entry

I decided to enter Miss Eki's cosplay contest :3 The end date was extended until 6/14! Click the link for more contest info. I didn't know who to cosplay as so I just went with a FOB / geisha / Hime-inspired look. Here's my entry:

My inspiration:

Here's what I used. I forgot to add NYX double sided eyeliner in black/silver!

And since I already posted the whole look, why not do an EOTD/FOTD of this look?

What I used:

[Face]- Eyeko cream
- Everyday Minerals pressed powder foundation in Fairly Light Golden
- Circled blush and highlight (see above pic) from Sephora Color Play Palette

- Clinique touch tint for eyes in Pink Sheen
- Circled shades (see above pic) from Sephora Color Play Palette
- Falsies (forgot brand lol)
- Geo Angel Brown circle lenses
- Physician's Formula Eyebrow pencil
- Sephora Brow Palette #2
- NYX jar concealer in Beige
- NYX double sided eyeliner in black/silver
- NYX felt tip liner in jet black (I drew on some anime-esque lashes)

- Burt's Bees beeswax lipbalm
- NYX Tinted Lip Spa in Copacabana


  1. you look so cute!! love the accessories too. good luck!

  2. gorgeous ..
    yay, thank you for the idea :)
    i hope it's okay for you?

  3. those lashes really pop, love it!

  4. you are gorgeous girl! i love your lashes in this one!

  5. looking beautiful!!! and go ahead and repost the giveaway...=) to make it official

  6. awww, i wanted to do this contest also but my daughter won't let me finish my makeup everytime i do it. lol you're soooo cute!

    and omg.. i wanted to get those contact lenses! i am actually going to purchase a pair from that site since my friend is selling it. =P

  7. I like this look! It's so cute! :)

    Augh, sorry about that. It totally spaced my mind to post the new URL and all that the day before I changed it. I only remembered AFTER I had changed everything. lol. I'm so stupid. Augh, but I'm glad it worked out for everyone. :)

    Yeah we have alot of pigs running around here too, that's why we have a trap behind our house. I really really wanna keep a piglet for myself but I'm not gonna be living at my parents' house all the time soo... :(

  8. pretty look. love the contacts.

  9. Oh yeah, I just thought of another J-drama that you should watch: Taiyou no Uta. It's kinda like 1 Litre of Tears... :( So sad. But I like it. :)

  10. Very cute! :)
    I keep trying to figure out what I should do for Eki's contest, but I can' think of anything =/

  11. beautifuL!!! u did a wonderful job, u really do look like an anime!

  12. you are sooo beautiful!!! and you did a fabulous job! And i love your contacts!!! I really want to get geo lenses!!!


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