Monday, December 26, 2011

EOTD: Ultraviolet Eyes

One of my favorite eyeshadow colors to play around with is purple :) For this look I just used a purple shade all over the lid, darker purples at the inner and outer corners, a light brown shade above the crease, and a shimmery white shade to highlight.

Pretty much every time I do purple looks, I use NYX's Jumbo Eye Pencil in Oyster as a base, and also layer it over the shadow to build up the color intensity.

Again, I'm terrible at remembering the style names of which lashes these are, all I know is that they're 2 pairs of Forever 21 lashes layered together ;P

EOTD: NYX Glitter Cream Palette in Sweet Chocolate Brown

I decided to try out this glitter palette from my last NYX haul a couple weeks ago. Although these palettes are super pretty and nice to look at, I don't think I'll be using mine that often XD

The pros are that the glitter is not gritty at all and it's easy to smooth/pat on. It also applies pretty evenly and it doesn't take a lot of layers to build the glitter up. It's very pretty and shiny and adds a pop of sparkle to my eyes :3

The cons are that it does settle into creases very quickly :/ Also I guess I made the "mistake" of applying it BEFORE putting falsies on. When I tried to put my lashes (NYX's Exclusive and Nostalgia layered together) on, the glue had a hard time adhering to my lids... I guess because of the waxy base of the glitter.

I also got glitter all over my face taking it off >_< But it wasn't too bad to take off, it came off pretty quickly. Overall though, because of the creasing and issues w/ lash glue, I'll probably be using this palette sparingly!

EOTD: 3-Layered lashes

Here's another old EOTD. As of the last year, I haven't been able to live without false lashes XD One of my favorite things to do with lashes is to layer them. Normally I layer only 2, but for this look, I layered 3 just for the hell of it :P

I'm so bad with remembering which ones though. All I know is two of them were Forever 21 lashes and the other was Red Cherry lol.

False lashes can really pull together a look and make a huge difference IMO, that's why I love them so much :D

EOTD: Fall-inspired eyes

Hello there, just randomly posting some old EOTD's that I actually took pictures of >_< I haven't had the chance to do eye diagrams like I used to, sorry :[

For this look I made use of a palette from Icing. Usually I stay away from palettes from Icing/Claire's since the quality tends to reflect the price lol. But I was pleasantly surprised with the shades in the palette I used (got it as a gift).

From the Icing palette, I used a rusty red shade all over the lid, black on the outer-V, a shimmery taupe very lightly above the crease, and a shimmery white to highlight below the brow.

Then I went over my lid with ELF Shimmer Eyeliner in Gunmetal to give it a pop of metallic silver.

For lining my eyes, I used Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil in Zero on my lashline & waterline, and Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eyeliner in Black to do the wing.

The lashes are 2 pairs of Forever 21 lashes layered together.
Sorry I forget which ones exactly! >_<

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Review: Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream To Go

I brought this product on a whim from Sephora while I was on Oahu 3 days ago, and it has quickly become a life saver for me!

I'd been suffering from a dry skin patch at the corner of my left eye for about the past 3 weeks, until roughly 4 days ago, it became a full-blown "I really can't keep ignoring this" kind of issue :S After removing my eye makeup one night, both of my eyes started burning and watering, and by the next morning, both eyelids and the area surrounding my eyes was red, SUPER swollen, painful, and itchy. I still don't know if it was makeup, allergies, or something else that caused it... Needless to say, I was mortified :[ The swelling went down the next day, but then my eyelids and area surrounding my left eye was still red and painful, and then it dried out and started flaking like crazy!

This picture below is from google (because I didn't think to take before/after pictures of my own eye), but this is basically what my eyes looked like, except MORE flaky and dry:

Price: $16 for 1.25 oz from Sephora

What they say: Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream Tube To Go soothes and moisturizes dry skin. This glycerin-based cream is enriched with vitamin E, vitamin B2, and camphor. It has an uniquely high glycerin content and absorbability achieved through a special manufacturing process which makes Yu-Be so effective. Use it to smooth rough, dry patches on hands, elbows, knees, and feet. It softens and reduces tough calluses, including hard, cracked heels, and helps heal and prevent split cuticles. It replenishes lost moisture from water damage or frequent hand washing, helps heal and minimize scarring from burns, and protects and moisturizes skin exposed to cold, wind, and water.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:

- Sulfates

- Synthetic Fragrances

- Synthetic Dyes

- Petro-Chemicals

- Phthalates

Invented in 1957 by a Japanese pharmacist, Yu-Be is the #1 selling medicated, vitamin-enriched skincare cream in Japan today. Yu-Be is safe and effective for the whole family. The non-greasy formula absorbs quickly and stays locked in for hours.

What's in it:
Glycerin, Water, Isopropyl Myristate, Stearic Acid, Glyceryl Stearate SE, Triethanolamine, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Glycyrrhetinic Acid, Camphor, Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), Hydrogenated coco-glycerides, Stearyl Alcohol, Polysorbate 80, EDTA, Methylparaben.
  • Glycerin: This natural humectant attracts and retains moisture in the skin, making it softer.
  • Camphor: Soothes irritation and stimulates blood circulation improving the overall health of skin. The mild scent disappears in minutes.
  • Vitamin E: A natural antioxidant and skin protector.
  • Vitamin B2: Helps to smooth rough or damaged skin and also gives Yu-Be its natural yellow color.
The good stuff:
  • Convenient size
  • Non sticky/greasy
  • Smooths on and absorbs well
  • GREAT for dry skin
  • Healing and moisturizing
  • Leaves skin soft and smooth
  • Safe for pretty much all-over use
The low-down:
  • Pricey
  • Camphor scent
My take: Overall, I am SUPER glad I bought this cream. I originally just grabbed it since it was near the checkout and I wanted to try it on the boif since he has dry skin (it worked for him too!). But after I decided to try it around my eyes, I was hooked! After 3 days of use, it DRAMATICALLY reduced the flakiness, puffiness, redness, and made the area around my eyes soft and smooth. Almost back to normal!

Just a little bit of flakiness remains:

I was a bit wary to try it around my eyes because I had been using a little bit of emu oil but it had the tendency to actually go into my eyes and although it didn't irritate my eyes, it made my vision blurry :/ (sidenote -- I absolutely ADORE emu oil for piercing aftercare and lubricant for stretched lobes. It is pricey but VERY worth it!!!). Anywho, the Yu-Be cream smoothed onto my skin and although I wouldn't say it dries down, it does absorb into my skin and doesn't migrate into my eyes at all. The cream itself is yellow but when you rub it on, it's kinda white. So I just gently smoothed it on until the white color disappeared. From my experience, this cream definitely performed as it claimed, and I'm VERY happy with the results!

For those who don't like scented products though, this might not be for you. It has a somewhat herbal/medicinal scent because of the camphor, but like they said, it does disappear quickly. But if you don't like that kind of scent, it might bother you.

Would I repurchase/recommend?: I would definitely repurchase this product, and I actually want to try some of the other products from the Yu-Be line as well! I would recommend this to anyone who wants a natural product that helps deeply moisturize dry skin!

The Rundown:

A cute tube. Nice and simple.

Does exactly what it claims! Perfect for dry, flaky skin.

It's actually pretty up-there at $16 for such a small tube, but it DOES work, so it's such a small price to pay for quality.


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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Review: HANA Professional 1" Flat Iron

Hi all! I recently got to try out this fabulous flat iron from, much thanks goes out to John for this amazing opportunity! :) From their website:

"Located outside of Philadelphia, a city known for its creative - but practical! - approach to high style, Misikko emerged from a desire we share with many of you: to easily shop and compare the best professional styling tools & beauty products on the market. As beauty aficionados and savvy consumers, our goal is to help you learn about the tools of the trade so you can find the right salon tools & products at the right prices - whenever & wherever the mood strikes."

Misikko specializes in hair and beauty products, including the brands HANA, Chi, Croc, and Corioliss. They offer a selection of the best blow dryers and flat irons!

I was blown away with everything I received! Everything was packaged beautifully, and I really loved all the little touches like the bows & roses!!

Goodies! I was really excited that I got a bottle of HANA's Shine Shield too :D

And here is the flat iron!

It comes in heat-proof storage bag, in a sturdy tin case.

(click to enlarge)

The size compared to my hand:

It's made in Korea.

On/off switch & heat settings.

$204.99 BUT the sale price is currently $119.98

What they say:
  • Advanced Tourmaline Ceramic Plates for Accelerated Ion Generation and Maximum Frizz-Free, Conditioning Shine
  • Ceramic is naturally hygienic, protects color & retards fading
  • Floating 1" Plates Auto-Adjust To Glide Over Any Hair Texture
  • Curved Plate Edges For Versatile Styling - Curl, Flip or Straighten!
  • Adjustable Temperature Dial - 5 Settings from 140-450° F for All Hair Types
  • Flash Heats in Seconds with Instant Compensation for Heat Loss
  • Ergonomic Handle Design with No-Slip Grip
  • Smooth Grooves Keep Hair Strands Separate and Snag-Free
  • Tangle-Free Salon Quality Cord Swivels 360°; Convenient Hanging Loop
  • Energy Efficient at 38 Watts
  • Independent On/Off Switch
  • Includes Luxe Heat Proof Storage Pouch, Heat Proof Silicone Mat, & Special Edition Tin Case
  • Two Year Warranty
Please Note:
  • LED indicator light remains steady when iron is heating up and will blink when desired temperature is reached. If the light is off but the switch is set to On, the iron is decreasing temperature to a lower setting.
From HANA:
Dedicated to high ceramic content and top of the line components, Hana's pursuit of high tech styling without hype led to the Hana Professional Flat Iron - Advanced Fusion Molding delivers glass-smooth ceramic-tourmaline plates while acccelerated negative ion output repairs hair follicles, sealing in natural oils for a conditioned, sleek, salon shine that lasts all day.
With professional features like damp-to-dry styling, floating plates that self adjust to different textures and adjustable temperature, the Hana Professional hair straightener is engineered to deliver luxury at a down to earth price.
My take: I've been on the market for a new flat iron for quite awhile now, so I was thrilled that I was able to try this one out! I've been using a mini Chi flat iron for the past couple of years, and I love it, but I think it's just getting kinda old. It doesn't have adjustable heat settings and although it doesn't "fry" my hair, it does leave it looking kinda dry. Also while it does make my hair really straight, it doesn't stay perfectly straight for very long in this humidity.

So how does the HANA compare? I LOVE IT!!! Although it's 1" while my mini Chi is bigger, it still makes quick work of straightening my hair. I love that you can use it on damp hair without damaging it, because I hate the hassle of blow drying my hair first.

I went from out-of-the-shower hair:

To smooth, silky goodness:

In about 10 minutes!

It did not make my hair feel "fried" at all. In fact, it left it feeling much healthier, smoother, and shinier after using it! The best part is I absolutely adore how perfectly PIN-STRAIGHT it makes my hair. I have relatively straight hair in the first place, but I've always envied those with that SUPER SLEEK straight hair that STAYS that way. And now I have the perfect flat iron for making my hair look like that! :D

(ignore the white things lol, they're steri-strips covering my fresh microdermals :P)

I love how totally sleek, soft, and wispy it makes my hair look. And even though the weather ranges from rather hot and humid to here, my hair stays pin-straight and smooth after flat ironing it. Amazing!!

I also fell in love with:
HANA Shine Shield Thermal Protectant

Hana Shine Shield is the latest product in a line committed to safe, effective heat styling. Shine Shield is a thermal serum that can be used as a leave-in conditioner - lightweight and never greasy, it protects and strengthens hair whether you use it with a flat iron, hair dryer or alone. Shine Shield contains the natural magic of Jojoba oil for its superb qualities of deep moisturization, fast absorption into hair follicles and scalp, and unparalleled shimmer & shine. 2 oz.

Hana Shine Shield Features:
  • Lightweight leave-in conditioning therapy
  • Designed to protect and restore both hair and scalp from environmental and styling stress
  • Jojoba absorbs quickly without a greasy feel for thorough deep conditioning
  • Jojoba naturally dissolves soil, removing build-up from other styling products to leave hair clean & supple
  • Jojoba naturally excels at thickening keratin layers, bringing out your hair's natural color overtones, highlights and brilliance
  • Periodic use over time is proven to advance the quality of your hair & the health of your scalp
I've been using a pea size amount (that really all you need!) on my hair after flat-ironing and it, and it makes my hair look so incredibly shiny, smooth, and healthy looking, WITHOUT feeling like it's weighing down my hair. My hair is gone through so much bleach and dye, so it's not exactly the healthiest -_-" But HANA's Shine Shield definitely restores radiance to my hair. I love this product!

Would I repurchase/recommend?: I definitely would recommend this flat iron and HANA products from The quality of this flat iron is awesome, and if you want a straightener with adjustable heat settings that heats up and styles quickly, and will give you that sleek and smooth look; this is a great flat iron to try!

The Rundown:
Packaging: 5/5
Comes in a special edition tin case with a free heat proof storage pouch and heat proof silicone mat!

Product: 5/5
I LOVE this flat iron. It heats up super fast, can be used on damp hair, styles within minutes, doesn't make my hair feel "fried," leaves my hair feeling silky and smooth, and gives that perfect pin-straight look.

Price: 4.5/5
At $120, it's definitely a beauty investment, but it's definitely worth it! The quality is superb.


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Disclaimer: These products were sent to me for review purposes from
This is my honest review and experience with these products.