Saturday, June 21, 2014

Neo Dali Extra Gray Circle Lenses & Shopping Experience: Why I will never buy from ever again

I ordered these toric lenses from on March 19, 2014. The lenses were $53.91 and with shipping, the total was $59.91. They are considerably more expensive than regular lenses and take 3-4 weeks extra time for manufacturing time because they need to be made to your prescription.
My perscription: Right Eye (OD) -3.00; Left Eye (OS) -3.5; CYL Right -1.75; CYL Left -1.75; B.C 8.7mm; Axis Right 180; Axis Left 180
On April 28, 2014, I still hadn't received my order. 1 month and 9 days was a bit beyond the estimated production time, so I emailed HoneyColor to ask about the status of my order. They responded right away and told me they would check with the manufacturer of my lenses and get back to me with the estimated shipping date.

They did not respond for another 19 days. On May 17, 2014, I asked for an update on my order. I got a response right away saying they were sorry for the long wait time due to production delays in Korea. They assured the lenses would arrive the following Monday (May 19) and would be shipped immediately. As promised, I received a shipping notification on the 19th. It was delivered to me on May 27, 2014. In total, it took 2 months and 8 days to receive my order.

I could overlook the very long wait, as I was so excited to get the lenses. They came with a cute pink animal lens case. I soaked the lenses overnight in my usual contact lens solution, Opti-Free Pure Moist. The next morning, I tried to put wear them (with no makeup on). Usually it takes a few seconds for my eyes to adjust to most contacts before I can see clearly with them. I put these in, blinked a few times, and waited. Realization dawned on me -- I CAN'T SEE CLEARLY WITH THESE CONTACTS!!! My vision was semi-blurry. I could see but NOT clear or sharp. I couldn't see the mirror 3 feet in front of my clearly enough to do my makeup with these on. I couldn't read anything farther away than 1 ft with these on. I definitely wouldn't feel comfortable driving with these on. 

I tried cleaning them more, inspected for any holes or abnormalities, made sure they were in the correct eyes and not inside-out... nada. I tried several more times over the next couple of days, to put the contacts in and wear them, with and without makeup.... ended up with the same results. Needless to say, I was extremely upset. I paid the higher price for toric, waited patiently for over 2 MONTHS to receive these lenses, and when I finally get them, I can't see with them?!?!

The funny thing is, I have other pairs of circle lenses which are in my prescription; but NOT toric. YET I can see WAY better with those contacts than I can with these; which are supposed to be FOR ASTIGMATISM!!! The one thing I could think of was that my actual base curve is 8.7mm but they didn't have that option so I selected 8.6mm... but my other circle lenses are also 8.6 and I can see so much better with those than with these "toric" lenses. How is that possible? I really think HoneyColor messed up on my prescription, or these lenses are just not made well...

Sadly enough, the contacts themselves are very comfortable. They do not slip around on my eye or feel irritating at all. I just can't see clearly with them. The color is a nice darker gray, but visible in sunlight. I prefer natural darker colors with minimal enlargement so 14.2mm is a nice size for me. They photograph nicely and give a cute dolly-eye look.

From their site:

Usage Modality:  One Year Disposable
B.C (Base Curve):  8.4 , 8.6 , 8.8 mm
DIA (Diameter):  14.2 mm
Water content:  45%
Package:  1 contact lens case included
Approved and Certified by:

I tried emailing HoneyColor customer support two times asking what could be done, since there is clearly a problem here. Both times, I received no response. I gave up. I couldn't file a claim with Paypal because it took over 45 days to get my order. I heard HoneyColor was a reputable shop but I guess I was wrong. I will NEVER buy anything from them again nor will I recommend them to anyone due to my extremely disappointing first shopping experience with them.