Monday, May 12, 2014

Product Review: House of Lashes Noir Fairy & Pixie Luxe

I've purchased lashes from House of Lashes 2 times. I love their Pixie Luxe lashes, but wanted to talk about the inconsistencies of the lashes I've gotten. The first time I purchased one pair of Pixie Luxe ($12) and one pair of Noir Fairy ($16). My friend also purchased a 3-pack of Pixie Luxe. When we compared our pairs, we noticed that her 3-pack all had varying lengths of lashes. My single pair of Pixie Luxe happened to be on the short side, so we opted to trade since I like long lashes and she likes short. This was her longer pair:
Above is the Noir Fairy I received. Note how they are really thick and "heavy" and dramatic. I was really disappointed because I expected them to look like the lashes that they post on their instagram page:

Note how long the Pixie Luxe is. And the Noir Fairy? They are so wispy and pretty in this picture! Mine look nothing like that.

The second time I ordered from HoL, I got a 3-pack of Pixie Luxe. I made a note at checkout that I  specifically wanted LONG pairs. But when I got them, just like my friend's 3-pack, all the lashes were of different lengths:

The top box is perfect. The middle box is a little too short for my tastes. And the bottom box is just... can you even call it the same style?? It's half the length that it should be. I honestly felt like I was getting jipped a bit because I pay to get what is pictured: LONG WISPY LASHES. What does that say about quality control when I buy a 3-pack of a specific style and only ONE pair is "right," and the Noir Fairy is totally off?

I contacted HoL and they told me that their lashes are all handmade, so there will be inconsistencies in the lashes, which I understand. What I don't understand is how the lashes I got could pass quality control checks and be sold like this compared to what they advertise on their IG page. I did get sent one pair of Pixie Luxe as compensation and they did say that they were seeing to getting a person to do final quality control checks before the product is sent out, so we'll see what happens.

Overall I think the quality of their lashes is very good, they last the advertised 5-8+ uses on me and the price is great. I just feel that the style inconsistency issue needs to be addressed.

  The Rundown: 

Packaging: 5/5
Cute boxes made of eco-friendly recycled materials

Product: 3/5
Good quality lashes that last, but the styles are inconsistent

Price: 5/5



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