Friday, January 27, 2012

Sophie & Toffee 10% Off Coupon! For all your kawaii decoden needs! :)

Hi everyone! For anybody interested in decoden and cute stuff, be sure to check out

Here is a coupon code for 10% Off your order :)

The promo code is STFRIENDS10.

In order for the code to work,
you NEED to get to the website through the click-through link.
Discount expires on February 27, 2012.
Happy shopping! ^__^

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Website Spotlight:!

As exemplified by many things on my blog, it's pretty obvious that I'm kind of a "Crazy Korilakkuma Lady" of sorts :P I'm pretty much OBSESSED with Korilakkuma (not to be mistaken with his counterpart Rilakkuma!). I will buy pretty much any Korilakkuma-related items I can get hands on lol.

One of my favorite places to buy from is!

They offer a HUGE variety of Japanese cellphone straps, kawaii charms, otaku gadgets, decoden supplies, and much more!!!

Here are some of the things I've bought from Strapya-World:

Decoden flowers, pearls, cabochons, phone strap, charms, keychain, deco sticker sheet, pouch

Korilakkuma keychain, phone strap w/ charms, bow decoden for my DS!

Korilakkuma pouch that fits a camera perfectly~

Blingy Korilakkuma iPhone case! I LOVE this case :)

Ocean critter keychains!!! Little known fact about me, I loveee axolotls, jellyfish, and octopodes. The pink thing is an axolotl, and the white thing is a squid (close enough to the aforementioned! lol)

I also bought some furry Korilakkuma containers. I have this large one and a smaller square one at work for holding post its, paper clips, etc. Adorable and functional!

~ ~ ~

Overall, I love Strapya-World because they just have SO MUCH STUFF! It's one of my favorite websites to just go on and online-window shop when I have free time. They always have new items coming in too, so it never gets old. Another awesome thing about them is that they ship super fast! I've made 3 orders so far and EVERY order has come in 2-3 days FROM JAPAN. That's extremely fast, even faster than when I order from places in the U.S.!

So if you're into all things kawaii, Japanese, novelty, decoden, etc. I would highly recommend Strapya-World :)