Sunday, October 31, 2010

Super late swatches: MAC Venemous Villains Strange Potion Lipglass

Hey everyone! I know this is suuuuper late haha, but I figure better late than never! :) Just wanted to share some pictures and swatches of Strange Potion lipglass!

I liked the LE outer packaging.

But alas, the lipgloss packaging itself is quite tacky -_-;
Although I do think the Evil Queen had the nicest packaging!

Strange Potion is described as a "Soft coral pink"

And I must agree! I adore this shade. It's a gorgeous muted-coraly pink with slight shimmer. It's a great "tame" coral for everyday wear, not too bold but gives a pretty pop of color.

It's also surprisingly semi-opaque and covers my lip pigmentation rather well in just one layer :)

Did you get anything from MAC Venemous Villains?
Do you have Strange Potion?
Love it or leave it? (:

Monday, October 18, 2010

Review: Coach Poppy Perfume

Hey everyone! I've never done a review on a perfume before, but I figured what the heck! I've finally come across one I really love, so I wanted to share :)

A little background:

Coach launched Poppy, a new fragrance for women, in July. The name is borrowed from the Coach Poppy fashion line, and it is the first Coach fragrance to launch directly in department stores. Poppy is a fruity floral with notes of cucumber flower, mandarin, freesia, jasmine, water lily, gardenia, crème brûlée accord, cedarwood, sandalwood, vanilla and whipped marshmallow. Coach Poppy is available in 50 ml Eau de Parfum, and in a purse spray and body lotion. (via wwd)

$60 for 1.7 Oz

What they say: Poppy is a flower. Poppy is a girl. Now, Poppy is a fragrance.

The good stuff:
  • Super adorable packaging
  • It's PINK!

The low-down:

  • If you don't like fruity florals, this isn't for you.
  • Considerably pricey
  • I can see myself using this up quickly

My take: I am in love love love with this perfume! I had been needing a new one since I ran out of this random Paris Hilton perfume I had been using prior :P I purchased this from Sephora when I was on Oahu. Although I hate to spend $60 on something as trivial as perfume, I do think it was well worth it! It just smells so YUMMY. I couldn't really place my finger on what the scent was at first.... all I knew was that it literally smelled DELICIOUS. Like candy :) After doing some researching online, apparently the scents are "cucumber flower, mandarin, freesia, jasmine, water lily, gardenia, crème brûlée accord, cedarwood, sandalwood, vanilla and whipped marshmallow."

The only other downer besides the price is the fact that I can see myself using this up rather quickly because it's kinda tiny, and I like to smell good all the time. LOL!

Would I repurchase/recommend?: Yes, as long as I don't come across a scent that I like better, I would definitely repurchase this after I run out. I would recommend this to anyone who likes sweet, candyish, fruity floral scents!

The Rundown:

Adorable & luxurious!

Product: 5/5
Super "yummy" scent. A great fruity floral!

Price: 3/5
Of course, you're paying for the label so the price is to be expected. But it's still up-there for just perfume :P


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Review & Swatches: Glamour Doll Eyes Eyeshadows

Hey everyone! Here today to share some thoughts & swatches on 6 eyeshadows I got from Glamour Doll Eyes! I have not had many good experiences with loose powder eyeshadows (or loose powder anything, for that matter :P), but I've read several positive reviews on the brand and their products, so I was totally game to try them out! :) Glamour Doll Eyes specializes in mineral eyeshadows and their products are FDA approved. Currently they only have shadow collections & lashes in stock though.

The shadows arrived in about a week, nothing broken or spilling, of course! Also with very nice, pretty, professional business cards!

I got 6 shadows:
Top row -- Phyrra, Boyfriend Sweater, Grease Lightning
Bottom row -- Lovers Lane, Glam Girl, Victorian

The packaging is super cute and conveniently labeled!
No sifters in this smaller size, but those irritate me anyway :P

Here's what they look like:
Top row -- Phyrra, Boyfriend Sweater, Grease Lightning
Bottom row -- Lovers Lane, Glam Girl, Victorian

(some may look a bit chunky and others smooth... they just settle differently)

(Same order as above)
All swatched over Time Balm Concealer in Medium.

The shadows, when swatched over a base, are SO GORGEOUS! Bright, vibrant, and bold. The shadows are very finely milled and smooth. They go on easily and very pigmented!

Phyrra is a purpley-fuschia with aqua sparkles.
Boyfriend Sweater is a light taupe-y brown.
Grease Lightning is a nice olivey mix of green/gold.
Lovers Lane is a deep, metallic red.
Glam Girls is a bright, vibrant purple.
Victorian is a very deep red-violety purple.

Grease Lightning & Glam Girl are my favorites :)

Without a base, these shadows are on the sheer side (and messy -- this is why I don't like working with loose powders! :P). They still offer some good pigmentation (Lovers Lane & Victorian being the most pigmented, Grease Lightning & Boyfriend Sweater in the middle, and Phyrra & Glam Girl being the least pigmented). It requires a lot of layering. So I would highly recommend using a base first, they adhere quite nicely and don't have as much fallout.

Overall, I am impressed with these shadows! I just love how vibrant they are when used over a base. If you're looking for a huge variety of shades to choose from and bold, bright, & vibrant pigmentation, I would definitely give Glamour Doll Eyes a shot! Will be doing some looks with these shades soon :)

The Rundown:

Super cute, nicely labeled jars. Caps screw on securely.

Product: 4/5
Gorgeous shades, super pigmented over a base! Some shadows are more pigmented than others though, and I prefer not to work with them dry/without a base.

Price: 5/5
I'm not sure on the exact prices ATM since only collections are on sale right now, but I know that the prices for individual shadows vary by amount, around $1.50-$6 depending on how much you want. So you can try sample sizes for less, or opt for the full size!


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Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this post were sent to me for review by the company.
This is my 100% honest opinion and experience with the products.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Latest MACquisitions: Fleur Power Blush & Richer, Lusher Cremesheen Glass (Pics + Swatches)

Hey everyone! It's been a hot minute since I've done a MACquisitions post, haha :) I only got one thing from the Venemous Villains collection -- Strange Potion Lipglass, will swatch next! -- but while I was on Oahu, I picked up some other stuff I'd been lemming for awhile:

Richer, Lusher Cremesheen Glass & Fleur Power blush

Fleur Power is described as a "Soft bright pinkish-coral (Satin)"
It is uuuuber pigmented! This is the most pigmented MAC blush I own so far. A very light swipe packs A LOT of color for me. It is gorgeous though, a great fresh flush color :)

Richer, Lusher is described as "Peach Coral"
It also packs some punch in pigmentation. Not as sheer as I expected it would be! Although I was really excited to get this shade, on its own, it's a bit "bold" for me :P I like to use it to add some color to nude lippies.

L-R: Fleur Power blush, Richer, Lusher Cremesheen Glass

Richer, Lusher Cremesheen Glass

Will do a look w/ the blush soon!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

NOTD: NYX "Pimp My Nail" & Glitter + Love Package from Sheila! ♥

Hey everyone! Wow, I feel like I have been away from blogging for quite awhile, even though my last post was not TOO long ago :P Still, I'm sorry! I feel like I've been neglecting this blog! T_T ...I've been feeling so consumed by school/work lately that I just haven't found the time/energy to just sit down and write about all the things on my "to-blog" list :( I do lurk everyone else's blogs though! Haha XD I do have lots of reviews lined up, just gotta get around to writing them and taking pictures. Hopefully very soon :)

Anywho, today I wanted to share what I've been sporting on my nails this week: NYX's "Pimp My Nail" which is a fun, bright, neon green. Love it! :D However, I don't love the fact that this polish is VERY sheer, so I did about 5 coats, and it dried to a dull finish. I could still slightly see my nail line, so I decided to go over with glitter (another NYX polish) and NYC clear Extra Shiny Top Coat. Surprisingly despite all the coats, it dried relatively fast (compared to my OPI/China Glaze polishes). It was a bit tacky for an hour or so though, but hardened and shined up nicely after about 2 hours.

Also, I recently got a package in the mail from the lovely miss Sheila of MaddyLoves! Thank you so much love!!! ^____^ ♥

Sheila is the sweetest & I'm so glad I met her on blogger! :) I WILL visit you one day, Sheila! Or you should come to Hawaii for vacation... hehe ^.^

Ahhh! So much goodies! :D MBD masks, Dior samples, nail stickers, BIG HUNK OF LUSH SEXY PEEL!, falsies, eyeliner, mini Dior lipstick, Essie polish, and ZA Foundation! Can't wait to make use of everything!

YAY! Sheila was so sweet to get this for me because I had mentioned how much I liked this brand when it was still sold in Hawaii. I've been using this foundation since I got it. I'm still trying to get the hang of the best way to use it since my skin has gone back to being super-dry lately. If I don't moisturizer well beforehand, it can makes my skin look UBER DRY up close! But the coverage it gives is just as fabulous and flawless as I remember! Will review this soon :)

Thank you soooo much Sheila! ♥ If you haven't checked out her blog MaddyLoves yet, go for it! She does fabulous reviews & tutorials and is super sweet, friendly, & helpful ^__^ (Btw, if you were following her @ MademoiselleLovesBeauty and stopped getting her updates, her new url is, so be sure to visit & follow her there!~ ♥)

Hope everyone is having a great week so far! :)