Sunday, May 11, 2014

Product Overview: Blonde and Pink Wig from eBay

I bought this wig from ebay seller xiaowuge2012 because I've been wanting to go platinum blonde but wasn't sure how I'd look and if it would match or not! I figured I could get a cheap wig to test out the color. This wig was $6.99 + $9.99 shipping from China. It came pretty fast actually, about 2 weeks to Hawaii (usually I wait around a month to receive packages from China).

This is what the wig in the listing looked like:

I realize mine looks nothing like that lol but I'm not complaining :-P I actually like the platinum blonde of the one I got. However the pink of my wig is more of a bright almost neon pink. I liked the pastel baby pink of the listing photo better. So word of caution - don't rely on the seller's pictures because they're probably not accurate.

This is the first wig I've ever bought so I don't really have anything to compare it to. It seems nice quality. The synthetic hair is soft and silky, but tangles really really easily (is that just how synthetic wigs are?). The price point was great in my opinion, so that's why I got it. Overall I was satisfied with this purchase even though it wasn't the same as the wig in the original listing. I would recommend this seller because of good prices and fast shipping.

For now my dreams of actually going platinum blonde are on hold... not sure if I could handle the process and the maintenance!

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