Friday, March 21, 2014

Review: Whipped Cream Clay from Sophie & Toffee

White & Pastel Pink, Piping Tips, & Fake Sugar Sprinkles

Price: SGD 12.14 (approx $9.53 USD)

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About the product:

  • This is new generation whipped cream which is 100% environmental friendly with no harmful vapors.
  • It has a slight fruity scent which is similar to our deco sauces.
  • This type of whipped is more flexible and elastic and finished with a gloss.
  • It is also easier to squeeze as compared to other fake whipped cream product which comes in a tube.
  • You can easily attached our piping tips and it is ready to use!
  • Each 100g comes with FREE 4 piping tips (randomly chosen).
  • Colors: white, chocolate, lilac, blueberry, raspberry, peach, pastel pink, strawberry 


I was super excited when Sophie & Toffee contacted me to try out this product because I'm continuously looking for new whipped cream materials to try! I have never used the clay type before, so this was my first one. I was also really interested because they said it did not have the harsh scent that most (if not all) silicone caulking has. I had to take a break from making whipped cream cases because the silicone fumes were aggravating my allergies, and adding to these headaches I was having :( So to hear that these clay whipped creams have a nice scent was awesome! It smells like vanilla-coconut!

They come in 100ml tubes, and you can screw their inexpensive piping tips right onto the tube. This is very convenient because you don't have to worry about setting up a piping bag and getting the stuff into the bag, and cleaning up after! I love that it comes in a variety of colors also. No need to mix paint and get messy!

One tube is enough to make 2 full iPhone cases, with a little left over for smaller projects. You should unscrew the piping tip after you're done, then put the cap back on tightly to save the whipped cream. You can let the whipped cream dry up in the piping tip, then peel it out afterwards.

I found that this whipped cream is a little hard to squeeze out of the tip. It is more dense than silicone, so it doesn't "flow" as easy. It helped to "massage" the contents of the tube for a few minutes to make the whipped cream easier to squeeze out!

The piped whipped cream will hold its shape. It becomes a little more "flat" after it sets, but doesn't melt into blobs like some other silicones do. It has superior adhesion properties to many silicones! I pulled on the cabochons on the cases I made, and they're not going anywhere lol! The feeling of this whipped cream is rubbery and flexible. It's not "springy" like how silicone is (when you push on it, it kind of bounces back) but it's NOT hard or brittle. It is rubbery.

 These are the cases I made with Sophie & Toffee's Clay Whipped Cream!
in Pastel Pink

I put their Fake Sugar Sprinkles on this ice cream scoop :)

Overall I would recommend this clay whipped cream for deco, especially to hobbyists and people just starting out! It's fun, convenient, simple to use, great quality, smells good, and has lots of colors! It is also not very costly (if you work it out, about $4.76 per case). I think this is a great project you can do with children too, since it's not harsh chemicals/smell like with silicone :)