Thursday, December 30, 2010

Review: Revlon Beyond Natural & Fantasy Lengths False Lashes and Precision Lash Adhesive

Hi everyone! I know I said I'd be making more scheduled posts... and obviously I failed miserably at that -___-; LOL! But anyway, I figured as a New Year's Resolution, I'm going to try and get back into the swing of things ;) So cheers to a new year very soon, and here's a review to start it all off :)

I had previously reviewed Revlon's Fantasy Lengths "Intensifying" false lashes here, but had mentioned that I had wanted to try different styles. To my surprise, Revlon contacted me and graciously sent me some false lashes and lash adhesive (as well as false nails) for review!

I haven't tried the Beyond Natural line of lashes until now and I thought I would like them less than the Fantasy Lengths ones because there is no thick lash band and you have to mess around with lash glue. However, I was pleasently surprised to find that I like the Beyond Natural line just as much (if not more) than the Fantasy Lengths ones.

These lashes retail for around $3-4.

Revlon Beyond Natural lashes

What they say: -With various styles available, each with a different length and volume, you can easily customize your lashes -Synthetic, Handmade -Available In 3 Styles

My take: I really like these lashes because of the great volume they give, while still having a nice "wispyness" to them :) They're really full and long, but like the box says, they are ULTRA lightweight and I barely feel them at all. The only thing I don't like about these lashes are that the inner ends don't taper down in length and the outer ends don't flare out as much as I'd like, so they don't exactly look quite "natural." Other than that though, they are a great fit for my eyes and feel perfectly comfortable on. The band is super thin and not rigid at all, so these lashes are easy to place on and adjust. If you're looking for full, voluminous lashes, I'd give these a try.

Revlon Beyond Natural lashes
"Natural Defining"

My take: I don't really care too much for these lashes on their own, as I found them to be too "natural" for my tastes. They look nice up close, but from a distance, they are not really noticeable at all on my eyes. However, they are FANTASTIC for layering with other lashes (will explain below!!!). If you already have naturally long, full lashes, I think these would be nice for adding some extra oomph to them. Like the name, they are definitely "Natural Defining" and don't add much noticeable volume if you have short, sparse lashes like me :( The band is super thin and invisible, and like the other Beyond Natural lashes, they are ultra lightweight, easy to apply, and comfortable to wear. (Sorry no picture with me wearing just those!)

Revlon Fantasy Lengths lashes

What they say: REVLON® Fantasy Lengths® Maximum Wear glue on eyelashes are a revolutionary way to go from Plain Jane to Naturally Fantastic instantly. Without messy glue to fumble with- you can have perfect lashes that stay where you want them to- even in waterAvailable in four different styles.

My take:
I had mentioned in my other Fantasy lengths review that I really like these lashes because of the innovative self-adhesive strips. I think this is a great idea for people on the go who don't want to mess around with lash glue (me!). They come with an extra pair of adhesive strips too. And you can still peel off the strips and use regular glue afterwards. This pair didn't have the same rigid black band that the other Fantasy lengths lashes I reviewd had. This was a good thing too though because they were more flexible and comfortable. I like this style because it has a good volume and length and is noticeable on my eyes without looking too natural or too dramatic.

& On to LAYERING!!!

I think that this is the best part about these lashes... Since they are SO lightweight and the bands are so thin, they are PERFECT for layering over one another. This is what the Natural Defining and Flirty lashes look like put together:

I really like this combination because it gives the perfect length and fullness for me, while still looking natural :D This combination gives the fullness I like from the Dramatic lashes, but it tapers off nicely and can be adjusted for more flare at the outer end. LOVE :D If you don't mind the extra steps, I'd suggest trying to layer these lashes together for a costumized fit and volume :)

All of the lashes that I've tried are also great quality. I've been able to get around 10 uses out of these lashes until they finally started getting a bit bent out of shape!

Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive

Price: ~$5.00

What they say:
-Ultra thin brush allows for precise application on entire lash band or even the corners of lashes. -Saves time! Easy to apply with no hassle. -No need for extra application tool (such as cotton swab or brush) to apply onto lash band. -Easy touch-up anytime, anywhere. Convenient and purse friendly. Waterproof & Latex Free

My take: I really, really, REALLY like this lash glue. I think it's actually the best lash glue I've tried so far! Application is super simple and really mess free. It has a super fine brush tip that allows for easy application of just the right amount of glue to the lash band. It's not messy at all. The glue stays tacky for a good amount of time so you can easily place and adjust the lashes, but it dries rather quickly too, so the lashes don't fall off while you're in the middle of trying to put them on. And it lasts all day! The lipgloss-esque packaging is also great to keep in your purse if you need to do quick corner touchups throughout the day. I've tried other lash glues before that were sticky, smelly, hard to use, didn't dry quickly, were a bitch to remove, and were otherwise just plain gross! Never again! I'm so glad that I got to try out this lash glue because it's definitely become an HG for me!

The Rundown:

The packaging of the lash glue is great for stashing in your purse.

Product: 4.5/5
The lashes are fabulous: they're super lightweight, great for layering, and last a long time. It would be great if Revlon would continue to make more styles of lashes! The lash glue is the best I've used so far. Simple and mess free!

Price: 5/5
Completely wallet-friendly!


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FTC Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this post were provided to me for review by Revlon.
This is my 100% honest opinion and experience with these products.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Custom iPhone 4 Theme & my old iTouch Theme (Non Beauty-Related :P)

Hey everyone! I've resurfaced again, haha! School is finally over for me so I'll have a few weeks of break before it's back to the daily grind. I'll try to get some reviews in since I'll have more time to spare :) I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas & Happy New Years in advance!!! :D

Anywho, I mentioned a few posts back that I recently got an iPhone 4. Of course, I jailbroke almost immediately :P (I used limera1n and it worked perfectly. But this was like a month ago -- I recently JB'd 2 of my friend's iP4s, and it took a lot longer and had some glitches. So maybe this break might start crapping out soon?). So anywho, lately I've been working on custom-theming it, which has been a lot harder than I anticipated... but just felt like sharing what I've done so far =]

This is my old theme of my 2nd Gen iTouch:

Coding and tweaking was super easy to learn.
I created all the icons, background, dock, and status bar myself :]

However, theming for iP4 is quite the challenge.
The customizations that I used on my touch don't work with 4.1 :[ Everything is entirely different. There's cooler apps and whatnot, but less options for themes, and even though I've googled like a madwoman, I only found one worthwhile tutorial for full custom-theming, and even that didn't work out entirely for me :[

Anywho, here's what I have so far:

My current Springboard setup:
  • Black Navigation Bars
  • MakeItMine app to change appearance of Carrier logo & Banner
  • LiveClock
  • Notifier (not shown in this screenshot)
  • Custom background made by myself
  • iBlanks to rearrange app icons however I want
  • Five Icon Dock
  • Custom dock image
  • Emoji app lets you use different emoticons instead of just text (free from the App store)
  • Custom Folder Icon & Folder Switcher backgrounds
  • BiteSMS (this is THE SHIT!)
  • Cydia, Winterboard, Installous, & Skyfire in the iPwn'd folder :]

Close-up of the custom Folder Icon backgrounds (tokidoki ^.^) and custom Folder Switcher background. Both made by me. Sorrrry if you like Hello Kitty, 'cause I don't! LOL XD

What my Lockscreen looks like. Custom background made by me. I tried using LockInfo and SimplScreen, but they glitched out and wouldn't work right for me :/

A superrrr cute Rilakkuma calculator app I got off Installous :]
Makes me smile~

...Still a work in progress =]

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Circle Lens Review: G&G Puffy 3-Tone Gray & Green, EOS J-202 Candy Doll Violet, & Hello Kitty Lens Kit (Pic Heavy!)

Hi everyone! Here today to do more circle lens reviews! I have a Hello Kitty contact lens kit to review as well (: This post is PIC HEAVY, so if you don't want to see 5863491738 pictures of my face/eyes, feel free to pass ;)

These lenses were sent to me for review purposes from
Kiwiberry1's Collection!
I would highly recommend them for their great prices, helpful & friendly customer service, wide selection of circle lenses, and fast, hassle-free shipping!

I also made a video here, if you want to see these lenses "in action":

Here are the lenses I received, from top to bottom:
G&G 3-Tone Puffy Green
G&G 3-Tone Puffy Gray
EOS J-202 Baby Candy Doll Violet

This is my first experience with G&G circle lenses, and my second experience with EOS circle lenses. I was really intrigued with the Puffy series, as I'd seen pictures and the color seemed very vibrant. And boy, do they NOT disappoint! The G&G Puffy 3-Tones are VERY bold and bright. VERY noticeable. They remind me of my Geo Twins, except less "freaky." They are 14.5 mm, so they do enlarge my eyes, and make my pupils seem especially large, which is a bit freaky but still not as freaky as the Geo Twins -- The pattern & color "blends" a lot better on my eyes than the harsh pattern of the Twins. If you're looking for vibrantly colored lenses, I'd definitely suggest these!
The EOS Baby Candy Doll Violets are a smaller diamter (14mm), so they look a little more "natural" in regards to size. The color does not show up on my eyes at all in natural light, they just look really dark. But they do give a really pretty jewel-like glossy shine to my eyes, which I like a lot :) They violet does show up very well in flash photos though. These are great for slight enlargement and "shiny" anime-esque eyes ;)
All of these lenses are very comfortable, and I have had no issues while wearing them other than the inevitable slight dryness and blurring. I've worn the Puffy grays for around 5+ hours, and the Baby Candy Doll Violets for 7+ hours. The Puffys are great for pictures and cosplay since the color is so noticeable, but the Baby Candy Doll Violets are definitely my favorite because they're more suitable for everyday wear.

EOS J-202 Baby Candy Doll Violet

Btw - experimenting again with drawing on falsies... triple-winged liner just for the heck of it :) For more anime-esque eyes ^.^

These are my favorite of the three because they are the most "natural" looking. The diameter is 14mm, so they don't enlarge too much. The color does not show up IRL on my eyes, but is bright violet in flash photos. I actually like that the color shows up rather dark (nearly black) on my eyes. These lenses give my eyes a certain shiny/glossy appearance. The effect is subtle yet noticeable. If you're looking for shiny dolly eyes, I'd try these out! These aren't for you if you're looking for vibrant colored violet lenses (besides in photos).

G&G Puffy Green

I was a little intimidated by these at first, since the color is SO bright, but they're starting to grow on me. They are similar to my Green Geo Twins, color-wise. The limbal ring is thick & dark, but it's actually made up of tiny little dots. It then fades into a bright aqua-green, then gold around the pupil hole. The color fading transition and pattern of these lenses are not as "harsh" as the Geo Twins, so I think the color blends a lot nicer on my eyes. Of course, it is still not natural looking, but it's a lot "softer" than the twins. I would recommend these lenses more for just pictures or cosplay. They're a little too bold for me for everyday wear. The color is VERY intense!

G&G Puffy Gray

I was the most excited to try these, since I've been looking for the perfect pair of gray lenses for FOREVER. These also have the same dark limbal ring that fades into a bright gray, then gold. These are pretty and GREAT for pictures because they give a kind of "mysterious" look, but they are very obviously unnatural in real life. I would feel really self-conscious wearing these out in public because the color is super noticeable and might freak people out :/ I think these would be awesome for cosplay as well though, and they look gorgeous in pictures!

Hello Kitty Lens Kit

I also received this awesome lens kit! Okay, I must admit I'm not a fan of Hello Kitty... LOL. But this lens kit is sooo cute! And so useful!

Travel kit contains:-Sturdy plastic case
-contact lens case
-contact spoon/stick
-bottle for liquid solution
*Solution bottle cap & lens case cap may vary in color (green/orange/pink)

(Get it here)
I LOVE the tweezers!!! I've been wearing false nails lately so taking out my lenses has been a problem (putting them in isn't a problem though), so the tweezers were life savers!!! This kit is $8 and is PERFECT for when you're travelling, or just to throw in your purse incase you need to take out your contact lenses while on the go. I definitely would love to see more designs with other characters!!! These kits are AWESOME :)