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Review: Revlon Fantasy Lengths False Eyelashes in "Intensifying"

Hello loves! Been feeling a bit under the weather lately... but blogging doesn't consume much of my energy so I'm content to just sit here and type for awhile :P Today I wanted to review the Revlon Fantasy Lengths Self-Adhesive false lashes that I got from Sammie's giveaway.

These are #99500 - Intensifying.
Price: Online I found them for $3.50 - $6.59

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What to do:
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The good stuff:

  • Not too expensive

  • Self-adhesive... no messy glue!

  • Easy to use

  • Long, yet "natural" looking

  • Thick black band mimics the look of eyeliner

  • Useful packaging

  • Adhesive stays sticky

  • Comes with an extra adhesive strip & plastic tool for pressing lashes

  • You can always re-use w/ your own lash glue
The low-down:
  • Inner corner of lashes pokes my eyelid even after trimmed (I seem to have this problem with some false lashes)
  • Not as "dramatic" looking as the name implies
My take: I've been wanting to try these lashes for a really long time so I was thrilled to have won them in Sammie's giveaway! First off, I'd have to say that the self-adhesiveness is truly awesome. I hate lash glue because it's messy and tedious and I tend to get it all over my eye... not to mention it's hard to remove. So having the self-adhesive strip is a godsend! It's very sticky so no worries about the lashes falling off. And it stays sticky so if you need to reposition the lashes, it's no problem! It also comes with an additional self-adhesive strip but stupid me threw away the plastic tool for properly pressing the lashes into the new strip -_-; Not sure how many re-uses you can get out of one strip, but it's so sticky so I'd say at least two? And then you can always use your own lash glue after.

Another plus is the packaging. It is great for safely storing your lashes when not in use! The little plastic covers are especially useful for keeping the lashes in place.

At first glance, "Intensifying" seems just that -- really intensifying! But it's actually not. I was hoping they would be a little more "dramatic" but they end up looking really "natural" on me. These lashes are really long (yet luckily, they do not press against my glasses lens so I can still wear them w/ glasses on) but they are sort of "wispy" and sparse. I think they would be more "intensifying" on people who already have full, long lashes and just want more oomph. On me, they just look "natural."
Top view. These lashes are really long. Looks like it adds a lot of volume but it doesn't, really.

When I open my eyes, they are very wispy.
Sorry for the bad lighting/quality of this one, but you get the idea.

I found the thick black band to be a little rigid... but nothing too bad. I like how it mimics the look of eyeliner, on me at least. One thing I had trouble with though was that before and after trimming, the inner end of these lashes poke the inner corner of my eyelid, which is very irritating. I've had this problem with some other false lashes, so maybe it's the way I'm cutting them??? Idk. But the irritating feeling of my eyelid getting poked comes and goes. Thus, I often find myself slightly re-positioning false lashes all the time, so this was no surprise.

Lashes on, with no eyeliner
Looks like I'm wearing eyeliner, no?

 Lashes on, with eyeliner
Only needed to add the "wing" at the end!

 Lashes with eyeliner & eyeshadow

More after the jump!

Overall, I like these lashes because they look suitable for everyday wear. Although I do with they were a little fuller and thicker, I do like how they nicely pull together a simple eyeshadow look -- I like falsies because when I wear them, I feel like my eyes are "opened up" and "bigger," so I don't have to wear as much eyeshadow :P

Would I repurchase/recommend?: I don't think I would repurchase this particular style, but I do want to try out some of the others. I would recommend this particular style of lashes to anyone who already has full lashes and just wants to add some length & volume to them; or anyone who wants some long & "natural" looking lashes. I wouldn't recommend this style if you are looking for full and dramatic lashes. Oh, and I would also recommend this to anyone who hates messing around with lash glue!

The Rundown:
You can use the inner packaging to safely store your lashes.

Product: 4/5
These lashes are very natural looking. The self-adhesive strip is great. But the strip pokes the inner corner of my eye, even after trimming.

Price: 5/5
Good value for the price.

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