Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Makeup Organization Round 3!

Hello loves! So this is the third post I'm doing on my method of organizing all my junk. I finally got my hands on some of those white plastic bins from Walmart!!! They come in packs of 2-3 depending on the size, and they're only like $1.52. SWEET!
For reference, this is how my setup looked in Aug. 2009:
And how it looks today:
Fun fact:
I removed the top tray and replaced it with some plastic containers. The white one holds my most-used skincare items, foundations, and BB Creams. The green container has all my pressed powders, most-used blushes, and ELF HD Powder. And I stuffed some small skinny items (NYX foundation, iQQU Sunscreen, ELF Nail Polish remover pads, & Burt's Bees lip balm) in the leftover space :P
And here's how the bottom drawer USED TO look like in 2009:

And here's the bottom drawer TODAY.
It holds all my palettes, brush rolls/holders, and false lashes.

Still rockin' my Walmart Desktop organizer... this thing is BOMB. Perfect for holding my brushes and lippies and other small items.

I still have the same plastic drawer setup going on, but I was able to organizer better with those little white containers!
Top drawer:In the white container I have my most used lip balms, my HG Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer and Wet N Wild Mega Eyes Creme Eyeliner. In the green container, I have my blushes & bronzers. Behind the white container are my beloved Epielle wipes.

Middle drawer:
My less-often used lippies and whatnot. And my Sephora Collector's Edition Palette.

Bottom drawer:Still making use of that lime green desk organizer I got from Target. Not much has changed in this drawer since I last posted about it.

And I finally decided to make use of the pen holder, since it's going along with my color scheme here... ;P I keep my most-used brushes (and scissors) in here.

Peta2 HOLLA!
And I'm still using my trusty penguin soap dish to hold my sponge-tip applicators, eyebrow pencils, and tweezers.

And lastly, the rolling cart in my closet.Here's how it looked like in 2009:
Holy hell, the drawers were empty and I barely had any nail polish O_o

And how it looks today:At least it's tidy, eh? XP
First drawer:
More lippies. Makeup remover wipes and other misc. stuff.
Second drawer:
MBD masks, Neutrogena Sunscreen, Nail stuff, and more sheet masks and samples. And my hair brush :P

Third drawer:
Skincare stuff, my "angry vajayjay" nail polish remover :P, Almay makeup remover pads (these things are awesome and only $1), Queen Helene Masques, hairspray, my UD Apocalyptic Nail kit, and my semi-failed attempt at pressing powders (will post about soon :P).

Fourth drawer:
Nick nacks, comsetic travel puches, hair pins.

Overall, I am happy with this setup for now : )

How do YOU organize your makeup?

this purple drawer thingy was actually a party favor we got from someone's wedding a long time ago. And it was actually full of some Asian brand cookies! That's pretty darn awesome packaging for just cookies lol. I thought it was so cute and fuctional so I reused it and turned it into makeup storage!

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