Monday, June 14, 2010

Latest MACquisitions: Hipness Powder Blush & Love Nectar Lustreglass

Hello loves! Here today to share some pictures & swatches of my recent MAC purchases. Also, if you're interested, you can read my latest rant about MAC's crappy customer service here :P

I wasn't sure if I wanted to pick up the popular Hipness powder blush or not because honestly, I am just NOT a fan of this LE packaging. I don't like the shade of green... nor the starfish on the cover. But after seeing other bloggers' posts with swatches, I finally gave in. Luckily, our MAC counter doesn't sell out of even popular items right away; so they had it in stock. And I'm glad I ended up getting it because it is LOVELY : )

The Love Nectar Lustreglass is a whole 'nother story. Since I got a few recommendations for it, I decided to give it a go since MAC was having free shipping on any purchase. And thus began the start of some trouble. First of all, it sucks that Hawaii is exempt from free 2 day shipping. Next, it took 3 extra days for me to get my damn lipgloss.

...UPS is full of shit. The tracking # was showing my package was delivered TO MY FRONT DOOR on 6/10/10 at 4:38 PM. I was home at that time, and didn't receive anything. I didn't receive my package until two days later, because it turns out that they delivered my package to my NEIGHBOR'S house, and they weren't home until Saturday... so they luckily found my package intact and returned it to me.

The stupid thing is that their street number is in HUGE numbers right on their house. Idk how the UPS person could have missed seeing that when he/she walked to their door. And OUR street number is also in large numbers on our mailbox... ugh -_-;

Anywho, pictures after the jump!

Love Nectar Lustreglass.
Super pretty in the tube.
Described as an "Ultra-soft apricot with pearl."

Unfortunately, it is so sheer on my hand...

And even sheerer on my lips :(
By itself: Basically looks clear w/ some gold sparkles.

Layered under Revlon Soft Nude.

Layered over NYX Orange Soda
(sorry for the color change)

Sigh. Since a couple people recommended this product to me, I was hoping I would love it. However, I'm not really satisfied with it. The color looks so pretty in the tube but barely shows up on my lips at all. It layers over other lippies well enough and is shiny and glossy, but the staying power is sucky. Disappeared completely after 2 hours. I did eat a little but not like stuffing-my-mouth kind of eating... Also, the formulation is tacky and slightly thick, but not as sticky as I'd expected (and certainly not the worst texture I've ever tried). Feels nice enough on my lips.

BUUUT I'd still rather spend $8 on a Revlon Super Lustrous or $30 on a YSL G0lden Gloss because.... it gives my lips this weird burning sensation that lasts for several minutes after applying. Uhh... is that supposed to happen? I've used it 3 times and every time, I got a distinct burning feeling. It goes away though and doesn't seem to otherwise irritate my lips... Never had that happen with my other glosses so not sure what to make of that :/ However, I have read mixed reviews on the pigmentation (nothing about a burning feeling though) so maybe I'll give MAC the benefit of the doubt and say that I just got a bad tube? :(

So now I'm a little wary about trying more of their lipglasses. I still want to try out some Cremesheens & Tinted Lipglasses but now I wonder if it's worth it. Anyone have any more lipstick recommendations?

Moving on, here are some pictures & swatches of Hipness.

It is pure gorgeousness.

Described as: Intense coral with soft white pearl (Frost)

Sorry for the picspam & bad lighting... but I am just in LOVE with the way Hipness looks on! It gives that nice fresh, bright coral glow like the Marine Life High-Light powder, except more subdued and pinky. Love it! Definitely glad I didn't pass this one up : )

Also, on my lips is the Love Nectar Lustreglass over NYX Orange Soda.

Hope everyone had a Happy Monday!

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