Sunday, June 6, 2010

MAC Springsheen Pics/Swatches + Your Thoughts On... Must-Have MAC Products?

Hello loves! I've been on a roll with the MAC lately... I must admit, even after all the years of avoiding it like the plague (mostly due to snobby, pushy MUAs and my distaste for their foundation); I have finally reached a point where I am comfortable with hitting up our Macy's MAC counter for longer than 30 seconds!!! Still; my limit is maybe... 5 minutes max before I start getting annoyed just being there lol. So while I still don't particularly "enjoy" browsing there, at least I have a better idea now of which MUAs are snobby and pushy and which are more helpful and willing to listen.

I recently found a bunch of unused gift cards hiding in my wallet, and of course, I headed to the MAC counter (instead of looking for clothes or shoes... because our Macy's selection sucks). And by now, I'm sure aaaall of you know that I'm a blush-aholic in the making :P So I went with the intention of either getting their powder blush in Peachykeen or Springsheen; so I could check it off my wishlist.

Sooo.... I settled on Springsheen this time : )

Springsheen is described as a "Peach with Pearl (Sheertone Shimmer)"
Very pretty! Sorry these swatches aren't spot-on accurate... it looks really pink but it's more peachy IRL

Anywho, It's been awhile since I did a Your Thoughts On... post.
So here's a question for all the MACaholics out there:

What are your must-have MAC products?
What would you recommend?

I could go review-hunting... but I'd much rather hear it from you ladies first!
Rec me some stuff plz? : )

  • I'm mostly interested in their blushes. I know which shades I want for sure (Peachykeen, Fleur Power, Hipness, and Instant Chic), but I'm also a bit curious about the shades Dollymix, Plum Foolery, and Margin (do you think Margin is too similar to Springsheen & Peachykeen?) Any input for me on these shades? : )

  • I am not too interested in their foundations, but I'd love to hear your experiences w/ them! I've heard a lot of both good and bad. Studio Tech was a no-go for me. Wasn't too fond of Studio Sculpt either.

  • Somewhat surprisingly, I am also not too interested in their eyeshadows. I have tried a few and wasn't really wowed. But I know there's certain shades that people swear by... What would you recommend?

  • I am interested in their lippies though! I'm partial to nudes, light pinks, and light peachy/coral shades; and I've been particularly interested in the Boy Bait Cremesheen glass, and Creme d 'Nude Cremesheen lipstick. What are some of your fav lipsticks and lipglasses? Lip conditioners? Tinted Lip Conditioners?

  • I'm not too keen on their brushes simply because of the price... but nonetheless, I can be convinced (;

  • I'm a bit curious about their Oil Control Lotion, Fix +, and Strobe Cream/Liquid as well.

So what are YOUR must-haves?
What would you totally recommend?
What would you totally avoid?

Thanks for sharing with me! : )

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