Thursday, June 3, 2010

MAC to the Beach Marine Life High-Light Powder + Swatches!

Hello loves! I'm sure most of you have already read many, many reviews/swatches/raves about the hot seller of the MAC to the Beach collection... the Marine Life High-Light Powder! Apparently, it's getting to be sold out online and in-store just about everywhere. So of course, I figured I'd have no shot at getting it, right? :( WRONG!

I headed over to our Macy's MAC counter yesterday just to see if by chance, they still had any of the Marine Life High-Light Powder (I was also fortunate to get another non-snobby, non-pushy, nice MUA :D) and THEY DID! The MUA said they had about 4 left. FOUR! I nearly shit myself. So of course, I picked one up!

I am not too fond of the shade of green that the compact is in... but the powder itself is the most gorgeous thing... so it makes up for it.

I didn't have the heart to swatch it right away, as the gold combined with the pink and coral is just TOO beautiful. So I let it sit in all its oversprayed glory for one day.




But then, of course, I have to end up actually USING this beauty -_-;
So away the overspray goes...


I still think it is quite pretty actually. The detailing is still very visible. The powder is smooth, blendable, and doesn't get too powdery/messy.

The colors are a light baby pink and a vibrant reddish coral; nicely pigmented -- I mean, it IS called a "highlight"... but it's certainly pigmented enough to qualify as a blush IMO -- with very slight shimmer. The colors mixed together create a gorgeous, bright, fresh, flush of coral-pink (and although I have been on a blush-kick lately, I don't have any close dupes :P So this color is very unique in my collection).

L-R: Top shade (Coral), Bottom shade (Baby pink)

(sorry for the weird lighting change)

L-R: Mixed, Top shade, Bottom shade

How it looks on...

Overall, if you can get your hands on it... it's worth every penny!

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