Monday, June 21, 2010

Introducing { e.motion in: motion; } Version 3.0! Updates, Changes, & Additions explained!

Hello loves! Just wanted to thank everyone who shared their thoughts in my last post. Your input is very much appreciated and very helpful : )

But, being the super-indecisive person that I am; I STILL couldn't make a decision between the two. Sooo... I decided to make a compromise and combine the two layouts into one. I am happier with this combination and I hope you'll enjoy it too. I simplified the banner so it would be less busy and more balanced; kept the quilted background; and removed the eyeliner separators (they were cute but started to seem a bit "much" XP).

You may or may not have noticed, but a few things were also moved around, removed, and/or added. This post is meant as a little explanation about the new or recent features and changes the blog has undergone. Hope it helps! : )

I removed the Blogger navbar.
So if you were used to using the "search" functionality there, it has moved to my sidebar!

The drop-down navbar is back in business.
With information about the blog, myself, sorted posts, & more.
Will be adding a link to my blog sale here.

Semi-new Announcements & Updates section.I always have had this section but never really made use of it. From now on, it'll be a list of my upcoming post schedule and other updates, such as additions to my blog sale, giveaway/contest announcements, etc.
Semi-new "Connect" feature.I decided to add this in my sidebar since it seems to be a common feature on most blogs. An easier way to get connected with me! You can view/subscribe to my rss feed, catch me on my Facebook fanpage, my Youtube channel (which is currently being used solely for my video editing projects), check out my artwork & photography at my Deviantart, and email me.

Btw, thank you to everyone who has "liked" { e.motion in: motion; }'s Facebook fanpage so far! It really means a lot. Since I figure just about everyone has a FB now, it's another great way for me to keep in touch with my readers and announce new blog posts. Plus, I post a lot of promo codes there *wink* ;)

Join me on Facebook for post previews, pictures, sales, updates, and more!

Semi-new Review sorting.
So this feature has been around for several weeks actually, but I just thought I should point it out anyway ;) Created this section for a quick and easy way to search through my pile of reviews; sorted by brand, product, or type.

New Jump breaks,Also a few new additions. I don't really like jump breaks much myself, but I know that some of my posts get retardedly long and even I don't like looking at them much. So I'll be using jump breaks occasionally.... :P

New Post separators,(the pink line between my blog posts)
I actually didn't know you could add post separators until I came across this wonderful code from AllBlogTools. If anyone is interested in having fancy dividers between your posts, check out the link!

and New Numbered page navigation.
I also found this code from AllBlogTools (that site is so freaking awesome, really). Decided to add this feature to make it easier when going through my older posts!

Removed my Formspring box, & linked it instead.
And lastly, I have removed my Formspring Q&A box since I haven't been getting much questions lately so it was just taking up space. So incase anyone has any questions they'd like to ask, my Formspring is still linked under the "Contact me" section.

So that's pretty much all that's new with { e.motion in: motion; } Version 3.0. I hope you like the new layout and that the new additions will make this blog more user-friendly : )

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