Friday, June 4, 2010

Updating my makeup storage!

Hello loves! Just wanted to share some storage revamping I've been doing lately. I dropped by Target on Monday and ended up buying a few desk organizers that I thought would also perfectly organize makeup (since most of you know how I love multi-purposing :P)! I'm still undecided with how I want to re-organize everything, but these are my options so far.

A pen holder that can hold brushes:
I'm still a little iffy about if I want to use this one or not. But most of you know how I love lime green, so of course I had to pick it up :P

For some reason I thought my brush handles were longer :/

A desk organizer that can hold.... everything!
This fits perfectly into my drawers and organizers all my crap perfectly as well. Definitely a good buy. If they had more, I would have bought more :P

I also picked up this deskscape:
I liked it because of the two taller sections that I thought would be good for holding brushes. But again, only one section (the one that all the brushes are in :P) is a good height for holding brushes. The middle section is a little too tall. So I was thinking of putting some stuff in the bottom to make it higher. I also like all the different sizes of tiny compartments; perfect for holding lippies, concealer, eye primer, etc.

Lastly, this medium organizer:
I like how it has two sides to hold brushes and various sizes of compartments in the middle to hold my most-used lippies and blushes.

Will update again when I finally decide how I want to set everything up.
Hope some of these storage ideas were a little inspiring! : )

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