Thursday, June 24, 2010

Latest MACquisitions: Ravishing Cremesheen Lipstick (Pics + Swatches)

Hello loves! So I'm sure you know by now that every time I have some Macy's gift cards to use, I use 'em at MAC. I decided to not pick up a blush this time (gasp!) because I had wanted to get the Richer, Lusher Cremesheen Glass. However, our Macy's counter was out of stock and their next shipment was not gonna be in for a couple of weeks... and they don't know what exactly they would be getting in the shipment -_-;

So I ultimately decided on getting a Cremesheen Lipstick in Ravishing, since I had been interested ever since Angelique recommended it : )

Is it just me, or is this packaging kinda unattractive? :/

Ravishing is described as a "clean light peachy coral" and I'd have to agree. Since I've been wanting to try more peach/coral lippies, this is perfect! I love this shade. It's bright but not overwhelmingly bold. Very pretty and fun.


Natural light:

I sent the Love Nectar Lustreglass back and am currently waiting for my refund. Then I'm planning on buying Richer, Lusher online, 'cause I'm too impatient to wait several weeks for our MAC counter's shipment just to possibly be disappointed. But right now, I'm totally happy with this lipstick. I love how smooth, creamy, and moisturizing it feels and how pigmented it is. Definitely gonna add more MAC lipsticks to my "to-buy" list ;)

How "Ravishing" looks on:
(with a little Revlon Super Lustrous "Life's a Peach" gloss over it)

Swatches in different lighting:

Happy Friday, everyone!
(well, it's almost Friday here :P)

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