Saturday, December 6, 2008

Burt's Bees review

I love Burt's Bees. I love them for their availability, reasonable prices, great specials, quality, and natural ingredients. Well, I love MOST of their products, atleast. So I figured it's about time a do a quick review of the products I've purchased from them last year (:

Ok, this was a little splurge. I bought it at Border's and this is the only product I don't quite adore. The only nice color they had was Champagne; it's a frosty pink color. When applied, it's really minty and tingly. It smells nice, but the color just didn't work for me :P Plus, it kind of chapped my lips, but that might have just been the day I used it. I love the cute slim packaging and all, but it's definately not one of my favorites.

They're not selling this atm! :O This is mos def my favorite lipgloss (ahem, WAS. I used a lipgloss brush I mixed with another gloss and now it tastes funny). Well anyway, when I first got it, it was great. This gloss smells super yummy (there's a bunch of other flavors too), is super smooth to apply, and gives just the right amount of shine and moisture. I hope they put it up again so I can buy another :(

So this was another one of those products I was not crazy about. It was supposed to exfoliate and make your skin radiant and glowing. It didn't do that lol. It smelled nice and natural and lathered and all, but it didn't seem that it had any exfoliant in it nor did it make me especially glowy. In general, it is a good shower soap though.

On the other hand, this is one of those products I cannot stop raving about. I bought this soap because I was having breakouts here and there and my complexion was not at its greatest. Amazingly, after a week of using this consistently, my skin cleared, toned, and evend up. It was GREAT! I highly reccomened this soap for people with different kinds of skin (there is tomato and carrot soap also for oily and dry skin). It worked so great for me, so I use it religiously and have been virtually breakout-free since.

There's still a couple products I want to try, but I'll blog about that later.
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