Saturday, December 20, 2008

EDM cosmetic wipes review

Although I usually rave about Everyday Mineral's products, their cosmetic wipes just didn't cut it for me. I bought them a couple months ago and only used them a few times. I was definately not satisfied with the product. Here's what their website had to say about it:

"With the calming fusion of lavender and grapefruit, these all-natural wet wipes can be used as a make-up remover or quick all over cleanser to freshen up your face. Its resealable opening makes it perfect for travel or every day use on-the-go!"

So okay, I'll admit that the package reseals nicely, the wipes smell good enough, and they CAN be used as a makeup remover, however, they don't do their main function very well. The wipes are quite saturated with makeup remover and despite this, they don't remove makeup very well. I had to literally scrub my eyes with it to get only a little eyemakeup off. This resulted in my eyes burning and watering :( Although the wipes are pretty refreshing (like toner) on your skin, having to scrub your eyeshadow off (and it doesn't even come off all the way) isn't something I'd want to be doing every day. But for only $2.50, it wasn't really a waste. It can be used to take off foundation rather easily, the only problem is eyeshadow and liner. I'm still in search for the perfect makeup remover, and I would definately not buy this again.

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