Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sephora eyebrow palette review

So here's my review of Sephora's eyebrow palette. I was debating between this one and Urban Decay's brow box which was WAY more expensive (but the little tweezers were SO cute!). Anyway, I'm very satisfied with it since it's about time I started using a proper brow powder instead of regular eyeshadow :P


Product Description: This chic compact contains two complementary shades of brow powder (a deeper shade for shaping and a lighter shade for filling in), a lightweight brow wax to hold your perfectly groomed brows in place. Mini angled brow brush included.

Pros: color is very pigmented, long lasting, and natural, light and dark shade, comes with mini brow brush and brow wax, compact is sleek and simple.

Cons: the brow brush is a really stiff, the compact is a BIT big (it's still slim), the powder is, well, really powdery. So the compact tends to get messy but this isn't a big deal.

What I thought about it: I got the 02 palette for brown to black hair. At first I thought that the shades were really light, but it turns out that they are both quite pigmented, and both shades naturally match my brow color and last all day. I don't really need the wax but it's a plus. Also, the mini applicator brush is a bit stiff and harsh, so I use my own brow brush. Like I mentioned in the cons, the compact tends to get a bit messy but is easily cleaned. It's also small enough to fit in a makeup bag although it might take up a little more space than it really needs to. All in all, this was definately a steal for only $12. Works great!

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