Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Why I love Sephora

Okay, so this is totally a shameless plug, but after telling myself for years that entering a Sephora store is equivalent to burning a hole in your wallet, I was completely wrong. Or so I think. is my current favorite place to shop online for makeup, skin care; just about everything under the sun in the beauty world. Plus, they sell a variety of different brands, and you can find deals and steals just about anywhere on the site.

I love the way their website is set up; the user interface is so simple and easy to follow. The best sorting option imo is the "Sort by price: Low to High" which puts the most inexpensive items first (obviously). It's great to find some deals you might not have stumbled upon otherwise... some products are as low as $2.00! There's also lots of other search sort options you can choose from (ie: skin concern, type, brand name, a-z, etc.) Also, their customer reviews sections are great for leaving and reading feedback so you can decide whether or not a product is for you. There's also ingredient information, reccommendations, and product q&a. Very helpful!

Not to mention, you get 3 free samples at checkout (: Now, this may not seem like much, but when you have been placing orders non-stop for one week (like me :P), those samples can add up if you find something you like. Then you always have the option to buy the full-size product. Also, there is free shipping on orders over $50 and free returns :D

I reccomend taking advantage of all the Sephora has to offer by becoming a Beauty Insider. You get a whole lot of freebies (free shipping for your first month!) and updates about the latest scoop in beauty products new to Sephora. Idk about you but I love getting updates in email newsletters xD

I will be writing about my orders from Sephora as soon as they get here! I purchased their brow palette, a toner, a makeup remover, and this: an eyeshadow, lipgloss, blush, bronzer, (and applicators) palette -$120 value- for only $22 :D I was skeptic at first, but it had decently good reviews (still reading some mixed reviews though)... a possible dupe for Coastal Scents 78 piece palette? Maybe I'll try that one sometime - it's only $21.95. Eh, nothing an eye primer can't help either way (; Plus, it's paraben-free! Anyways, I don't care for too-too opaque color payoff. Well, I'll just have to wait and see when my order comes in.

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