Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Review: Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Shampoo & Conditioner for Dry, Damaged Hair

As most of you know my most recent "funky" hair color was red/magenta, which I alsojust recently dyed back to a dark shade. I'm constantly experimenting with my hair and dying/bleaching/cutting/thinning it; so it's no secret that it's always very dry and damaged! Luckily I have an arsenal of products that let me "fake" the look of healthy hair!

I recently got a chance from BzzAgent to try out this new shampoo & conditioner duo by Garnier!
Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Shampoo & Conditioner

I received 2 full-size products:
Conditioner (left) and Shampoo (right)

$3.99 (13 oz) and $6.99 (24 oz)

What they say:
(click to enlarge)

"All-new, high-performing formulas and superior conditioner technology. These rich products are two years in the making, formulated to deeply condition hair and still rinse clean. Top that off with fresh, new fragrances, and you've got the means to nourish, strengthen and smooth even the most lackluster locks."
  • Works best on dry or damaged hair
  • Nourish hair to the core so it shines from within
  • Formulated with fortified fruit science - three weightless nutritive fruit oils (olive, avocado, and shea)
  • Packed with ultra-rich and nourishing conditioners that rinse clean
  • Part of a larger Triple Nutrition line that includes Nutrient Spray and 3 Minute Undo Dryness reversal treatment
  • Have a suggested retail price of $3.99 (13 oz) and $6.99 (25.4 oz)
  • Available at grocery stores, drug stores and mass retailers like Target and Walmart

What's in it:
(click to enlarge)

The good stuff:
  • 1 bottle will last a long time
  • Smells great! Fresh & fruity
  • Formula of the shampoo is lightweight and lathers easily
  • Conditioner is creamy but lightweight and smooths/detangles easily
  • Both rinse out cleanly
  • Makes hair feel instantly smoother and sleeker
  • Hair looks shinier and smooth after drying
  • Eco-friendly bottles made with PET and 30% recycled plastic, also 10% lighter, which saves over 125 tones of plastic annually
The low-down:
  • Obviously, since it's for DRY/damaged hair, it doesn't help at all with oiliness (will explain below)
  • Product line doesn't have anything for oily hair
My take: Overall I'm really impressed with this shampoo and conditioner! I've been using both for the past month and I really like how it's been helping to revive and repair my hair. If you like fruity scents, then this is for you! This shampoo and conditioner contains 3 weightless nutritive fruit oils (olive, avocado, & shea). I was a little wary of that because although my hair IS very dry and damaged, it has the tendency to oil up really quickly throughout the day. I was afraid that adding more oils to my hair would result in a greasy mess 0_0 However both the shampoo and conditioner rinse out cleanly and don't leave any product residue in my hair. My hair immediately feels smoother and untangled after using these products. After drying & flat-ironing, my hair also retains sleekness and shine.

The only downside for me is that it's meant SPECIFICALLY for DRY/damaged hair. Although it DID NOT make my hair super greasy or anything; it still added the moisturizing oils to my hair, so of course, it couldn't do anything to prevent my hair from becoming oily during the day. Thus I only used this shampoo and conditioner about 3x a week and would use a clarifying shampoo/no conditioner on the other days. So I would say that it would be great if Garnier would also come out with a clarifying product line for oily hair too!

Would I repurchase/recommend? I could see myself repurchasing these products but I won't have to for a really long time because the bottles have A LOT of product! I've been using it for a month and only used about 1/3 of the bottle of shampoo, even less of the conditioner. If you have dry and damaged hair, I would definitely recommend these products because they do deliver as promised.

The Rundown: 

Packaging: 5/5
Eco-friendly bottles made of recycle plastic,
flip-cap is easy to open.

Product: 4.5/5 
I love the way these products smell, and how they restore smoothness and shine to my damaged hair. I just think it would be great if they could expand their product line to incorporate more products for more different hair types.

Price: 5/5 
Completely wallet-friendly!



Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hair Update: Back to dark hair w/ L'Oreal Feria Midnight Ruby

After having my red hair for about the past 3 months, I finally tired of maintaining it and decided to go back to a darker shade. Usually I'm kind of wary of going back to dark after having a lighter shade because I feel like it washes me out and makes me look like a vampire :x However I was pretty pleased with this shade :3

I used L'Oreal Feria hair dye in Midnight Ruby. It is described as a "light auburn black" with red tones, but I found it to be distinctly more purple-toned. This was great because after red, I had been considering going purple, but decided for this subtler option so I wouldn't have to maintain it as much. It pretty closely matches the shade on the box. I really like the conditioner that came with it. It made my hair nice and smooth, sleek, and shiny. My hair is always damaged and dry from repeated colorings, but it looks really healthy now after this dye!


The biggest downside is that it seems to fade really fast. It's only been 2 days and 1 wash since the first wash after dying it, and it already looks to be fading out in places and becoming slightly more brownish. Admittedly I am washing with hot water (it's just too cold here right now to go without! XP) and not using a shampoo specified for color-treated hair; but still, I had expected it to last longer because it's a black shade. So I guess I'll be monitoring how it fades over the next week... will probably have to touch up very soon~ But overall I still like the color!

Another thing to note though is the smell. It has this scent serum you add in that's supposed to give a "pleasant coloring experience" or something like that... but even with that, I found it to just smell soooo strong! The ammonia scent is much stronger and harsher than any other dye I have ever used! It really made my eyes burn/water. So if you're sensitive to that kind of thing; might want to avoid this dye.

Beauty is skin deep, Ugly is to the bone

This is a post I had done awhile ago that had been making its rounds on tumblr, but I figured it would be a good topic to post about on here. I did two versions, one in 2011 and one in 2012. Anywho, this is my take on appearances:

From 2011:

From 2012:

Both have pretty much the same message: Look how YOU want to look, just stay true to YOURSELF. For one, I really hate seeing/hearing guys saying they like girls with a "natural" look or who wear no makeup. First of all, I'm sure way more guys would be drawn to a girl who was dolled up nicely rather than a girl who just rolled out of bed. Second, when a guy is talking about a girl with a "natural" look, chances are, that "natural" look DID INDEED involve the use of makeup! And if it didn't, well, you can't expect ALL girls to look naturally gorgeous without any help, right?! The main point is; you don't have to make yourself look a certain way just to measure up to anyone else's standards but your own.

I see makeup as an art, and the face as a canvas. You can do incredible things with makeup, and makeup can do incredible things for one's self-esteem. I personally don't feel confident going out in public without wearing makeup, and it is MY choice to make myself up the way I see fit. I don't need to do it to impress or satisfy anyone but myself, because that is how I want to look. So who cares if you wear false lashes, circle lenses, and full-face makeup every day? The only thing that should matter is that YOU feel good about yourself :)