Sunday, December 8, 2013

Review: Whipped Cream Silicone from Sophie & Toffee

Price: SGD 12.25 (approx $9.77 USD) 

Availability: buy here

How to use: Cut open the tip of the pack and squeeze all of the silicone into a prepared pastry bag with piping tip attached. It helps to push all the silicone to the tip of the pack BEFORE cutting it open. Then as you squeeze it into the pastry bag, tightly roll the pack from the top down to get as much as you can out of it.

I was so excited to receive this new silicone from S&T to try out! This special silicone is imported from Japan.

⭐ Single-use 60ml, no need for storing
⭐ Enough to make 1 iPhone 4/4s case
⭐ Smell isn’t too strong
⭐ Not sticky or stringy
⭐ Not hard to squeeze out
⭐ Holds the shape well
⭐ Glossy shiny finish
⭐ Dries flexible in 4 hours
⭐ Lightweight, doesn’t make your phone super heavy
⭐ Comes w/ 2 free piping bags

Sophie & Toffee also offers a variety of piping tips! To make this case, I used the 6-point star tip in the top left-hand corner of the 2nd picture. You can get this set of 8 piping tips from S&T here for approximately $2.77usd.


I personally am not a fan of GE Silicone II (although a lot of people use it), I do not like how stringy, sticky, messy, and smelly it is. Using GE as a base to compare this to, this Japanese silicone is nowhere near as sticky, it was easy to clean up just by wiping it off my fingers with paper towel. It was not hard to pipe because it wasn’t “stringy” like how GE is. It holds the shape definition of the shells nicely. It dries within 4 hours and has a squishy texture, and is shiny. It is also lightweight which is a plus because most silicone combined with cabs tends to add a noticeable amount of weight to your phone. It has a very strong bond to the cabochons, and is secure and durable, even when I tried gently pulling on the cabs, they didn’t budge.

Initially when I was piping the case, I didn’t notice a strong smell like how GE has. However I should note afterwards, I did notice it has a strong “rubbery” smell up close when it had cured (it is not a “vinegary” smell like some silicones have). So I suggest letting it sit in front of a fan or open window for a few days and the smell will dissipate :)

Overall I would definitely recommend this silicone specifically to hobbyists looking to make cases for themselves! It is convenient because 1 packet is just enough to make one case, so you don’t have to worry about having too much left over, or having to store it and it drying out. It is easy to use for beginners and experts alike.

Have you tried this silicone? What are your thoughts on it?
 I will be doing a giveaway with the case I made with this silicone, so stay tuned for details :)


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  1. this is so cute, and would make a perfect Christmas present!


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