Thursday, June 16, 2011

Review: Japanese 3D Nails -- Tri-Color Nail Tip with Pearl White Flower Nail Art and Austrian Crystals [Set 2 of 4]

To recap from my original overview of nails:

BLINGUP.NET 3D NAIL ART! specializes in 100% custom, handmade 3D japanese style nails. They make the nails specifically to your nail measurements to ensure a perfect fit. I also asked if the length of my nails could be shortened a bit. They came out PERFECT!'s customer service is also FANTASTIC. Extremely quick and friendly replies to all of my questions and concerns :)

The nails are SO gorgeous; extremely detailed and intricate, but also very durable! The deco pieces do NOT fall off, even after 1+ weeks of wear.

You also get:

  • One free 3g nail glue each order (10g nail glue with brush if your order more than 4 nail sets).

  • 10 pieces of Professional double-sided nail tape for each nail set.

  • Nail file (360Grit for filing nail surface and for sharpening of the nail)

  • Repair package (in the event gems, crystals or nail art fall off)

Here are the Tri-Color Nail Tip with Pearl White Flower Nail Art and Austrian Crystals nails.

This nail set features various colors on each nail tip with a pearl white 3d flower nail art and genuine Austrian crystals. The detail continues with glitter and beads all throughout the nail art with a cluster of gold metal beads at the center of each flower.

These nails have a "summery" feel to me, and I especially love the detailing on the thumb and all the deco flowers. This is a more light and girly design, perfect for say, a wedding or some kind of special occasion :)

Also, like I mentioned in my first review:

These nails are rather long in length. So if you're not used to long nails, they take some getting used to! After I got used to them though, I had no problems typing, opening things, etc. And, make sure to use a good amount of glue! Use a thick, even coat, and the nails should not pop off for at least a week. None of the decorations fell off either, but since the nails come with replacement gems and such, you can easily replace gems if they fall off.

The Rundown:
Super cute packaging! Perfect for storing.

Product: 5/5
Amazing detail and quality. 100% Handmade to YOUR specifications!

Price: 4/5
These nails quite pricey if you're trying to stick to beauty on a budget, but you get what you pay for, and you're paying for the highest quality!

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Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this post were sent to me for review by the company.
This is my 100% honest opinion and experience with the product.

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