Saturday, November 28, 2009

10 Beauty facts

Lisa from Shop N' Chomp did this awesome tag on 10 beauty facts about yourself! So I "stole" this tag from her hehe =)

Anyways, here's my 10 beauty factoids - - -

1. From time to time, I get ONE BIG JUICY PIMPLE in the WORST place. Right now, it's smack dab on my left cheek (on my face :P). I only get it in horribly noticeable places, like on the tip of my nose, the middle of my forehead, between my eyebrows, or on/in my eyebrows. In addition to being huge and disgusting, it lasts forever. TMI?! And for the record, no spot treatment has EVER worked for me more than once!!!

2. I am addicted to collecting lip balm/gloss. The dumb thing is though, that I tend to buy buy buy and then not use any of it -_-

3. I'm totaly with you Lisa, I suck at applying falsies! If I were better at it, I'd wear them every day! ↓ TOOK ME FOREVERRRR TO DO =(

4. I am a lover of Neutrogena, but only because a select few of their products have HG status!

5. I range between being a budget and brand buyer.

6. My skin is mineral spoiled. EDM has been my go-to for over 2 years.

7. I own NO MAC! Yes, I am serious!

8. I love bright, funky nail polish. I almost always have my nails did =)

9. At nighttime, I ALWAYS take my "face" off, no matter what. Lol.

10. This will come in my next post . . .

Has everybody done this tag already? I wanna know your beauty facts!!


  1. I saw your cbox message, no problem girl! ;) You are much better than me about "taking your face off"! I'm not so bad but once in a while when I am so tired... oops. hehe.

  2. I like ur facts... it's refreshing to know I'm not the only one who gets stubborn as hell pimples that take light years to go away :( they always seem to be in the most prominent areas too !

  3. :) I like lippies too but I am not a lipstick/gloss type of girl. :(

  4. I agree with #1! Those zits hurt, too. :(
    Maybe it's because of our skin is normal/combo.

    I'm still trying to master applying falsies, but they are soooo much fun! EDM is really nice, I finally ordered from them again. I'll post my goodies up when I get them. =D

  5. OOHHH CAN I STEEEEAAAL THIS TAG???? =D this sounds like soo much fun!

  6. ooh! I get pimples in my brows too! so annoying >.< Wow, no MAC. Incredible!

  7. ooooh i did this tag last week :) i couldn't come up with 10 beauty facts though sooo i cheated at the end and started listing random tmi facts haha

    #3: *pinch cheeks*

    #5: ditto :)

    #7: this really made me go "say what" :P im not a mac snob buuut i still own a few items from there :)


  8. I usually skip reading tags but this was a fun read b/c I can relate to so many of them. I have like 2 MAC items and I'm really not into the hype AT ALL. Your no.1 is the bane of my existence, as well. I totally broke out after eating too many Thanksgiving leftovers -_-

  9. You rock for doing this tag...YAY! I love reading these types of facts from my fellow bloggettes. :D

    I buy and buy lipgloss too and it takes me years to finish one. And hey, at least you got those falsies on you! They look gorgeous on you btw. Me? Don't ask...haha. Ok, no MAC at all?! We need to talk. B/c they make the best lipglosses girl!!! I wish I could say that I share #9 with you. :( I am just too lazy sometimes! Totally bad, I know.

    Ooh, I wonder what #10 is? :)

  10. Whaat? No MAC, at all?!

    I'm addicted to buying lip balm/gloss too.

  11. I love your beauty tag :) and I am not shocked you don't own any MAC, there are so many great brands out there :)

  12. haha!im suck at putting falsie too!and i cant be bothered to buy those fancy lashes coz i know it will be a BIG waste!

    been practising lately but doesnt seems like im

  13. I suck at lashes too! And NO MAC!! Wow! But I never owned any till about 2yrs ago so I can't talk! LOL! ;)

  14. #1 - Ugh! With you on the pimple. It's so weird! I just got my very first one on my eyelid---how's that even possible?! I never even knew people could get pimples there. lol!

    #3 - falsies---love em! I only wear them to go out though, like when I'd go out to dinner with the girls or out to the clubs in Japan or for special occasions. It took me forever to learn to put them on correctly--and make them stay the whole night! >:S Tricky buggers.

    #5 Yay for Neutrogena! But their toner's not working that well for me anymore :( Time for a change! What're your HGs of Neutrogena?

    #5 - I'm mostly a budget girl, but occasionally I buy some pricier goods. Oh! Which reminds me, your review of the IQQU cream makes me want to get one...thinking about purchasing it :P Thanks again for the review!

    #6 - Yay for EDM! I love that they're just like BM to me but they're cheaper! :D Still working on finding my perfect shade tho :S

    #7 - You have to try MAC's Mineralize Skinfinish! I have it and it's wonderful!

    #8 - Woohoo for bright funky colors! I used to wear lots of colorful polishes but these days...not so much :( Sometimes I feel like it and I put it on, but then I gotta take it off before I go to my second job :( Darn professional offices... lol.


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