Saturday, November 14, 2009

ELF products I would actually reccommend

So, the lovely mama Chee asked me what ELF products I would reccommend and I realized a couple of other people have asked me that as well. I think I've mentioned things here and there but never really listed which products have worked for me and which have not. So here's my list on ELF products that I would actually reccommend!


I LOVE these eyeshadows. There's so many to choose from. The ones I got have good color payoff, go on smoothly, and last all day for me. Definitely worth $1.

I love their nailpolishes. For only $1, you can't go wrong. Many color choices and I've always been satisfied with every one I've tried.

Extremely convenient! The only downside is it makes you fingers sticky but other than that, it's great.

Does the job, nice and moisturizing for the cuticles (:

One of my HG e/s brushes. The bristles are super soft but firm and pick up color extremely well.

Another of my HG brushes. Super soft bristles but firmly packed, picks up concealer great!!

Love this stuff. Goes on smoothly and conceals well. The only thing is it doesn't last too long.. and it says it contains tea tree oil but on the box it doesn't. But other than that I love it.

I have this in "Smoke" and it's really great but it does smudge easily. The color payoff is excellent tho.

Gives a nice soft finish to skin. Doesn't conceal redness too well but does seem to give a brightening effect.

Believe it or not, the Treat side did work on me and does regrow my brows! The tame side does a nice natural eyebrow look. The shades are not accurate though, so I got "dark" and it works well for me.

Excellent at controlling shine! Does make skin look soft and smooth but I wouldn't say exceptionally different on camera. The best part has to be the shine control, tho, lasts all day!

Got this just for the eyeshadows and blush/bronzer. Excellent! I got it for free with code LOYAL or FREEMINI. If it wasn't free though, I wouldn't pay $15 for it.


Well, they do the job decently but mine had a strong alcohol smell and really stung my eyes. I've used better for cheaper.

This stuff is okay. The color is nice but when applying it, if you layer over itself, it tends to rub off.

Don't love this stuff, but don't hate it either. I think it's what it would feel like if you were rubbing crisco all over your lips. Moisturizing but really slick.

I got this in Honey and it was too dark for me. It is also kind of sticky and has a citrusy scent. I think if I had it in the right shade, I would like it better.

This is good for people who need minimal concealing coverage. It was waaaaaay too sheer for me.

I think the face kabuki is decent. It is soft to the touch but not on the face :( that's the biggest downer for me since it's super cute and works well at buffing in powder, but I feel like mine was too scratchy.

These are decent. They are cute and pink but they stink like hell! I feel like they could also be a bit firmer.

This is decent. I would say that it does help intensify e/s and keeps it on longer but it has a weird smell/texture. I would rather use UDPP.


Sticky, smelly, overly shimmery. Nuff said.

See above. Not worth it.

Also EXTREMELY sticky. Smelly. Dried out my lips. Too bad, since the color is pretty.

Wayyyy to flimsy. Better of using this as a paint brush.

Extremely sticky. Hard to get the clear and color to come out at the same time and even then, the color is pretty much non-existant. It does have high shine though and seems to be ever so slightly "conditioning" but the stickyness just kills it.

What are your fave ELF products? Hated ones?


  1. nice review on the elf products. too bad they're hard to find in australia!! :(

    love the blog your've got going. i will definitely be visiting more often :)


  2. I've had hit & misses with elf. More misses though.. LOL! But I like there quad pans! Cheap!

  3. wow u hv tried so many !hehe
    i read review that their foundie brush even better than other expensive ones !!hehe
    too bad the liquid eyeshadow looks pretty !hehe

  4. THANKS! this helps a lot! i think i will try the High Def powder!! :D

  5. wow... did u say that eyebrow treat and tame helps the brows grow>?? omg... I might need that cause my right eyebrow grows in horrible patches!! thks sweetie!

  6. Thanks for this review! I'm gonna make an order soon and excited to try out the ones you recommend! I agree w/ the all over color stick -I hated it!

  7. Thanks for this! I'm going to favorite it for future use.

  8. ooooh, ive never bought anything from elf before... im more of a quality over quantity type of person anddd i just cant trust cosmetics that are worth $1. im definitely going to check out the e/s brushes though.. just because i trust you :P i want to buy around 10 of them cuz i feel "weird" everytime i use an e/s brush on two or more different colours at a time lol


  9. I like the concealer/brush thingy too. I also don't think the big kabuki is that great either. There a lot I haven't tried yet, so thanks for the reviews!

  10. nice review... i'm quite tempt to open up the cuticle pen i have right now to try out haha.
    the e/s seems like a great catch. Their prices are so friendly.

  11. If I had to recommend one ELF item it would probably be the nail polish! I didnt like their nail polish remover wipes, mine were always dried out =(

  12. As an ELF noob, this post is super helpful...thanks! :)

  13. Thank you! I know you're a big ELF product holder so i really value your opinion / reviews on them. I got the brow treat & tame to and i LOVE IT! It's working great on me and you're right about the color tone though. I have dark but it still looks a little to "light" on me. But i use it gently over my already done eyebrows just for extra color :D*

    Thank you love <3


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