Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The latest mail love <3

My DSK earrings came in yesterday :DD THey're super cute and I just love them since I love butterflies and lime green. Thanks so much Steph! She also gave me some candy . . . I turned my back on Happy for 5 seconds and when I got back, she had carefully unwrapped -- NOT ripped open or destroyed -- but UNWRAPPED (it was wrapped like a starburst) one of the candies and was happily chewing on it. I took it away immediately and she gave me the most dejected look -___-;; Anyways, if you haven't fallen in love with DSK jewelry already, head over to

I also got my Ekilove order in! I haaaad to get this pouch since most of you know by now that I am obsessed with Korilakkuma, so anything with him on it, I love it, it's super roomy and kawaiii~ gonna use this for my travel makeup pouch ♥ I also ordered her EkiLove Lock strap but she was soooo sweet and generous to send me ALSO a pair of her love lock earrings AND a new hime key fob, since the first one I ordered was having bad luck -- I think I am too clumsy maybe :( plus goodies I can't wait to try! Thank you so much Eki!!! ♥ If you haven't already, go to her kawaii/hime store and check out her lovely creations!!

I also did a swap with lovely Miss Amy (! We swapped some Skinfood for Skinfood and lippies for lippies hehe. But I did not expect her to send me soooo many awesome goodies too! THaaaank you so much Amy, you are the sweetest!!! I am liking the cleanser so far, it's really nice but I have fallen hard for the Majolica Majorca lip gloss -- the color is LOVE~

I heart this glossy goodness ♥ Why am I holding my phone? I don't know. Lol.

Thanks girls! Ahh, I love getting stuff in the mail. Hehe.


  1. love the earrings and the ekigoodies!!! especially love how happy carefully unwrapped the candy. hahahaha!

  2. Don't we all just LOVE getting stuffs in the mail! ^__^ Best feeling in the world to open the packages, I'm sure it felt like Christmas. && especially with Eki throwing all of those goodies in with your order! Lucky you ;D

    & I like the 4 holes in your ear. I have three, and want to get a 4th, but I know my parents would freak. They're not too big on me poking holes in my body. LOL

  3. Omg, everything is so cute! Love all those girls. :D

  4. great stuff! eki's items are so adorable, i need to order some soon

    glad you received my package! i got yours too just the other day ^__*

  5. Awesome mail love!! Steph's the bomb! DSK is always the shizz! LOL! I'm a DSK addict!

    And EKi's items are ALWAYS kawaii! No matter what she makes!

    Great charms & goodies too! LOL at Happy "unwrapping" the candy!

  6. i love ur phone!! so kawaii and bling bling!


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