Friday, October 30, 2009

iQQU Advance Sunscreen review

I realize I have never done a proper review of this. So I figure now is a good time :P I emailed Michelle and she is nice enough to send me a new tube since I ordered mine in an early batch that was 3o ml full, but not completely full due to the product settling~

Sleek, simple packaging

But it's so small! Not to fear, read on for more . . .

Price: $33 + shipping (mine came about $4o) from

What they say: No words can describe how smooth, light and amazing this sunscreen is. You can apply this sunscreen over makeup! You just have to try it out for yourself. It's non greasy, non oily, feels like nothing when you apply it on and provides maximum protection. Non-Comedogenic. No Fragrance. Paraben Free

This product is for you if...
  • You want an advanced sun protection for your skin.
  • You want a non-greasy, non-sticky, smooth velvety sunscreen.
  • You want to have a silky complexion.
  • You want to fade your brown spots.
  • You want a sunscreen that is makeup friendly.
  • You want a sunscreen that does not run easily.
  • You want SPF 35 UVA/UVB protection without clogging the pores.
  • You want your skin to retain moisture.

Key Ingredients:

  • Saccharide Isomerate- is a carbohydrate that acts as a highly effective moisture regulator resulting in long-lasting water retention in the skin.
  • Lycopene- is an antioxidant derived from tomatoes that helps improve the skin's texture and provides natural SPF.

Active Ingredients: Isononyl Isonanonate, Glyceryl Stearate, Cyclopentasiloxane (and)Dimethicone, Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane, Cyclopentasiloxane (and) C30-45 Alkyl Cetearyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Talcum,Titanium Dioxide, Saccharide Isomerate, Octyl Methoxycinnamate, Lycopene extract

The good stuff:

  • Mattifies skin
  • Controls shine
  • SPF 35 UVA and UVB protection
  • Silky smooth mousse texture
  • Easy to apply and blend, absorbs instantly
  • Need LESS than a pea size amount to cover entire face
  • Improves look of tone & complexion
  • Makes skin look smooth -- like you're wearing foundation but natural

The low-down:

  • Expensive
  • Available only online
  • I cannot speak for the "fades brown spots" claim
  • Texture may change?
  • Comes from Thailand -- should I be wary of this?
  • The size may worry people

My take: I love love this product! I have been a fan of Michelle Phan of ricebunny for years now and when she came out with her own skincare line, it was exciting! The only downside, the products are a bit on the pricey side. When I received it, I was shocked by how tiny it was. It also was only about half full. I just assumed that's how it was supposed to be . . but I was reading the reviews on iQQU lately and apparently those who ordered in the beginning batches had 30 ml worth of product, but the tubes weren't filled up. Michelle's response:

"We're fixing this issue. Because the sunscreen is a mousse like texture, we realized we should have overfilled the tubes. It's exactly 30mL, weight I mean, but it doesnt fill it all the way because the texture is not so dense. We've already fixed it on the new sunscreens. "

So I am hoping to get my new tube soon =) Anyways, I have never used this product consistently (like for months at a time) but I have used it for a few weeks out of a month. Which is why I don't know if it would fade brown spots . . also because I don't really have any :P I have freckles . . but I don't think that counts. However, from my experience, it quickly improved the look of my complexion and skin tone once applied. It really made my skin look as if I was wearing foundation, but it was BETTER than foundation, yet still very natural looking. My skin looked super smooth and matte and stayed that way pretty much all day.

The texture is a light, whipped mousse consistency that is as claimed; not sticky or greasy. It is very easy to smooth on and blend. You have to blend it really well though since it's white. I use my fingers. Also, I only need MUCH LESS than a pea sized amount to cover my whole face. Which is why the tube is so little. Even though my tube was only half full, it is still only half full. It's been about 3 months! But also, the texture of this first tube changed after time. It is now a more liquidy texture. I have not exposed it to excessive heat or sunlight, so I'm not sure why that happened . . maybe another fluke with the first batch? That's another reason why I am excitedly awaiting my second tube. Overall, I consider this one of my HG beauty products; one of the few things I would spend upwards of $40 on because it works really well for me.

Would I repurchase: Yes. If the price doesn't deter you, this is an extremely worthy buy.

These are old pictures I used in a FOTD awhile ago (you can tell by the hair haha, I miss it ;_;) but this is ONLY using iQQU Advance Sunscreen. No foundation! (Sorry for the bad quality, taken on my cellphone.. you can click to view larger)

Here's a more recent one


  1. i always hear good things about this product!! but the cost is the reason i never got around to buying it.. >__<

  2. Looks pretty good! But lol I didn't know that she started her own skin care line! Will there be a kitty litter mask for sale? LOL J/K!! :)

    Love this pic of you even if it is older! Soo pretty girl! :)

  3. Oh, I have been so interested in her skincare line! So thank you for this review! Now I really want to try the sunscreen and your skin looks fab! Me is jealous xD

  4. u have gorgeous flawless skin! this review was pretty exciting cause I really didn't know what to make of her skin care line. Also, I have uber sensitive skin and it can be scary for me to try new sunscreens due to clogging... I like how it mattifies and sounds like an awesome pdt cause it can double up as a foundation of sorts :)

  5. Your so cute in the photo's above :D
    YOur skin looks spotless & so healthy X]

  6. oh, ricebunny... 30 mL is not a weight T_T;;;

    i was very impressed at how big of a business she had made from her blogging and EXTREMELY impressed when she came out with her own cosmetics

    thanks for doing the review on the sunscreen! it sounds like a product i'd consider trying. it's sooo hard to find the right sunscreen here in the US and my HG has been the Shiseido Anessa line but it's hard to get my hands on them

  7. interesting! and it does sound good but it is pricey for that size i think

  8. great review! i might have to give this product a try!

  9. interesting...
    I'm looking for a good sunscreen that doesn't smell so strong..
    the mousse like texture makes it very tempting! :)

  10. ive been wanting to try michelle phan's iqqu line since it first came out!! i've just been waiting on the reviews since i dont just want to invest in a product blindly! this has been one of the products ive been eyeing though, as well as the replenishing cream... i hope she comes out with an eye cream :)

    your skin is GORGEOUS! anddd totally unrelated buuut your cheeks are soo cute! *pinch pinch*


  11. ahh u got michelle phan's products! I want to try them out so bad!

  12. hi just stumbled upon your blog! great review! i'm on the brink of purchasing this since she's having a black friday/ cyber monday sale. I wanted to ask you a question: does it work well with flash photography? as in does it give the face a "white cast" under makeup? also, when do you apply it? Thank you!!

  13. "•Comes from Thailand -- should I be wary of this?"


  14. I'm so glad that you didn't get any horrid side effects<3
    But, if you continue be sure to re-apply the sunscreen because it'll fry it if you don't X____X;;


    Miss. P


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