Friday, October 16, 2009

Wuzzy's THINK PINK giveaway ♥

The lovely Wuzzyangel is having a giveaway to spread awareness about breast cancer, since October is breast cancer awareness month! I wanted to enter this giveaway because my mom had breast cancer and I hated to see what she had to go through but I was always humbled by how strong she was about it. Thankfully she is in great health now! I think this an important issue we should all know a little more about. Breast cancer doesn't discriminate!!
Here are some informational links:

And here are some places you can shop for a cause!:MARIECLAIRE - Gives a list of 151 products available w/ proceeds going to research.
ESTEE LAUDER - Every year they release their PINK RIBBON COLLECTION
CLINIQUE - They too put out specials for Breast Cancer Awareness
REDBOOK - Their picks of products going to the cause
GLAMOUR - The mag's showcase of products for the cause
TOTALBEAUTY.COM - Their fave beauty products that support
FORD WARRIORS IN PINK - They have some great items! And if you've been affected by Breast Cancer don't forget to leave a patch on their Virtual Quilt!
BEAUTYTICKET.COM - 10% of all purchaces made in October goes to Breast Cancer Research when you use the code AWARENESS
I don't have any current 'pink' looks Wuz =( but here's a pic of me when I had pink hair XP

For more info, details, and rules, go HERE! Thank you for reminding us to spread awareness Wuzzy!


  1. I'm glad to hear you Mom is a SURVIVOR!!! Been there done that... more then once... it's never fun. But doesn't their strength amaze you?! :)

    Thanks for doing this! And I'll count the spunky pink hair as a bonus! :)

  2. u look hot with pink hair.. i used to have a pink highlights too but I think i looked really terrible!! hahaha

  3. glad your mom is in great health now and she was able to beat it! :) and look at you with the pink hair!!! <3 it!

  4. ahh! I forgot to do this too! Thanks for the reminder!

  5. I always love products that support breast cancer! The kitchen products seem to always capture my heart hehe.. Not only are they cute but part of the money goes to a good cause... Wow, your mom truly is an inspiration... Does she still have cancer? I heard of some people where the cancer miraculously left there body! That's such a blessing...

  6. So glad your mom's okay now :) Can't imagine how hard it must have been...

    Love your pink hair btw! <3
    I tried having that too but it just faded too fast :P


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