Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Frosty Purple NOTD + purple tag!

The beautiful Miss Julie from Pop Champagne tagged me to do this fun color tag! She chose the color purple. So I had to find 7 purple things around my house!

And here's where the NOTD comes in!

1. It was an awesome coincidence that right before I found out she tagged me, I had painted my nails purple! Hehe. I used LA Girls Flare Bright Delights nail polish from F21. I posted awhile ago that I liked the same brand nailpolish in a turquoise color. However, I totally did not like this purple! :( It was really thin and even layering on coats still dried to a dull, dull finish. To spice it up, I tipped my nails with Wet N Wild glitter polish. It was still ugly. So like I did with a previous ugly polish, I topcoated with my Rimmel nailpolish, which seems to make any ugly color nice and shimmery. In RL, it still is pretty ugly and dark, nothing like in the bottle color. Bleh, but I'll live with it XP

2. My Japanese textbook. Which I should read more often, but I don't :P

3. Paintbrushes! Since I'm doing a lot of painting projects (which I hate). I had to buy new ones since this lady I sat next to had similar brushes and I think she took mines on accident =(

4. My Coach coinpurse. It's all dirty and banged up, but I never leave the house without it (:

5. Almay eye makeup remover wipes. I think I've mentioned this before, but these are the shit! Will review soon.

6. Muffin's flea comb. Not that she allows me to use it on her. Or that she allows me to touch her at all for that matter -____-;;

7. Puppy shampoo for Happy. I was a little wary about it since it was Hartz brand and if you've read my post about flea collars, theirs was soo so toxic! But it was the only one I could find. Seems to work well enough though

Thanks for the tag Julie!! I tag . . .

Dana (http://danayoshimizu.blogspot.com/)
Eki (http://ekimura.blogspot.com/)
Kym (http://www.beecreative.ca/)
Maisee (http://l-m-x.blogspot.com/)
Amy (http://amynaree.blogspot.com/)
Mai (http://maitai88.blogspot.com/)
Kalmo (http://cambosoup.blogspot.com/)
Wuzzy (http://wuzzyangel.blogspot.com/)

And I choose the color.... YELLOW!

Speaking of Happy, here is a recent pic of the sleepyhead. She has her beloved toy "Squeaky" but he looks like a total Celtics dawg! See the headband? *Gasp!* Luckily Happy beats the shit outta Squeaky.

Lakers got their rings today (:
FOUR chocolate chip cookies, LeBron!!!


  1. What a cute puppy!
    And I like this color of your nails.

  2. happy is so adorable!!! love your purple nail polish and nice purple shampoo, does it smell good? hehe

  3. I always wondered about their nail polish! Happy is adorable! My doggie has a "get well dog". But he likes to rip everything apart. His "get well dog" might need its own get well dog not too long from now lol!

  4. oooh i like the colour of your nails! it looks very bright and vibrant :)

    anddd happy looks like a furball with a face :) haha sooo cute <3


  5. OMG thats the same shampoo I use on my maltese doggie =)

  6. Aww Happy is too cute sleeping like that! :) And the nails came out great! All your extra steps! LOL! Haha.. purple!! Yellow huh? It's gonna take me a while to do this! But I'll put it on my list of posts to do! ;)

  7. Thanks for the tag! :) This looks like so much fun ^__^ I can't wait to try this out~

  8. Awesome tag :)
    Such cute purple items :p

    Happy is so adorable! <3 haha.. squeaky :P

  9. thankyou for the tag!! I will do this one along with Rina's tag of blue <3 haha Japanese text book what does that cover? japanese culture?

  10. The nails look awesome! Thanks for the tag. I'll have to do this sometime. :)

  11. Yellow... hmm.. will have to try and find something yellow around the house hehe.. thanks for the tag =D


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