Sunday, September 19, 2010

Review: CVS Vitamin E Moisturizing Skin Cream

Price: ~$3 from Long's/CVS

What they say/What's in it:
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The good stuff:
  • Inexpensive
  • A lot of product
  • A little goes a long way
  • Moisturizing and smoothing
  • Gives me a brightening effect

The low-down:

  • Extremely thick, sticky texture
  • Hard to smooth on evenly
  • Very sticky/tacky to the touch
  • Looks very greasy once applied
  • Doesn't really absorb... just sits on skin and feels heavy

My take: This is another moisturizer that I was attracted to because of the price. But ahhh, if only it wasn't such a hassle to use! -__-;

This moisturizer comes in your regluar ol' plastic tub. Rather large plastic tub. I can see this lasting me for... forever. Very little goes a long way. But the problem is... I don't even want to TOUCH that very little amount and then slather it all over my face. Why, you ask? Because this stuff is like GLUE. Literally. It's white, goopy, thick, sticky, and just... rather glue-like. If I were to smear Elmer's glue all over my face, I think it would feel EXACTLY the way it feels like to apply this moisturizer.

Because the consistency is so... glue-ish, you really have to take the time to rub it in or else it really will look like you have glue all over your face -- it stays white and splotchy. Then once it's fully smoothed on, it makes my skin look SUPER greasy. This is another one of those creams that I MUCH prefer as a night cream. This does NOT fully absorb, so I'm left looking and feeling like a sticky, tacky, greaseball until the next morning when I wash it off.

So, what are the benefits, right?! It does moisturize and smooth my skin the next morning, AND it has a wonderful brightening effect on my skin. Not sure if that is supposed to happen, but the next morning, I always have a smoother and more radiant complexion thanks to this cream. So although I can't stand the texture, I still use this cream every so often as a skin "pick-me-up" :) Also, despite its heavy, smothering feeling, it has not broken me out or otherwise irritated my skin!

Would I repurchase/recommend?: No, I wouldn't repurchase this because it will last me forever. If you're looking for a cream with the nourishing effects of Vitamin E and you don't mind looking/feeling like a greaseball for awhile, then you might want to try this.

The Rundown:

Standard plastic tub. (For hygiene's sake, I would always prefer a pump bottle)

Product: 3.5/5
Gives nice results, but I just wish the texture wasn't such a huge turn-off!

Price: 5/5
Completely wallet-friendly.


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