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Review: EOS Adult Brown, Gray, & Violet Circle Lenses (Pic Heavy + Video!)

Hi everyone! Here today to do a review on 3 pairs of circle lenses:
EOS Adult Brown, Gray, and Violet.

I also made a video here:(this is the very first Youtube video I've ever made, so I'm not talking or anything :P But you do get a chance to see these lenses "in action")

These lenses were sent to me for review purposes from
Kiwiberry1's Collection
This was my first experience with this company, which I had heard was a reputable business with great customer service. And I must say, they do not disappoint! :) This company is located in Canada, and I received my lenses pretty quickly, in a little over a week. My lenses were shipped in a small package, safely wrapped in bubble wrap.

I was in constant contact with "Kiwi" (the owner of Kiwiberry1's Collection) the entire time, and she quickly responded to all of my questions & concerns! She's so sweet!

Overall, I would highly recommend Kiwiberry1's Collection if you are interested in buying circle lenses. With all the recent controversy about circle lenses, many sites have shut down or stopped selling to USA. But Kiwiberry1's Collection still ships to USA customers and has not run into any problems with customs. They have excellent customer service and fast shipping. Their lenses are all $20 per pair and come with a free pink & white lens case!

These are the first EOS circle lenses I've tried. I only owned GEO lenses previous to these, but was always curious about the EOS brand, and the Adults, especially. They are VERY comfortable. Easily the most comfortable circle lenses I own. I wore my Adult Grays for 9+ hours with no problems other than the inevitable slight dryness and slight blurring due to dryness. They did NOT move around or affect my vision like my GEO Twins do (when I wear those, I can see halos of color). I actually kind of forget I'm even wearing circle lenses when I have these on!

The color shows up pretty well, but does vary (will explain in the individual reviews below). All of these lenses give a "jewel-like" shine to my eyes. Very sparkly and pretty. The diameter is 14mm so they offer minimal enlargement, but they DO enlarge slightly because of the dark limbal ring and large pupil holes. However, they do NOT look super dolly or freaky at all. They make your eyes pop, but still look natural.

Another thing to note is that these are the "Newer" version of EOS Adults. It is quite different from the "Older" in terms of color, limbal ring, and pattern. For example, these are the "Older" EOS Adult Browns:
(Image credit -

Compare them to my EOS Adult Browns below and you'll see how different they are. The biggest difference is the color. It's VERY different. The older version is more gray-brown and the newer version is honey-brown. There is also not much of a limbal ring on the old version, and the pattern is a soft sunburst type of design. The limbal ring of the newer version is thick and dark. The pattern is a similar starburst pattern but also has darker "dash" patterns around it as well. I do think the newer version of the EOS Adults that I have are quite pretty, but I still think I'd like to try the older version, as they do appear to look more "natural."

EOS Adult Browns

These are definitely the most vibrant of the bunch. They color is a light honey-brown and shows up VERY distinctly. They don't make me look like a lizard like my GEO Honey Twins do, but they still take a little getting used to. The color is really pretty though and looks great in natural light and in photos. If you want a vibrant brown that will show up on dark eyes without looking too freaky, I'd say this is a good bet.

EOS Adult Grays

These are definitely my favorite of the three. The color shows up well, but still looks natural. These are the most "jewel like" and really have a certain sparkle to them. They show up on my eyes as a medium silvery-gray, which you might think would look strange, but they are actually really natural looking, in an "interesting" way. I think these are suitable for everyday wear because they give a "pop" to your eyes while still appearing natural and not fake or dolly-like. This color shows up well on dark eyes and look great in natural light and in photos.

EOS Adult Violets

I was really surprised with these lenses. I thought they'd be really vibrant, but they weren't. They were actually kind of dark. In terms of color, I actually found that they looked the most "natural" on me because from a distance, you cannot tell that these lenses are purple. They just look dark. Close up, you can tell that they are dark violet though. If you have dark eyes and are looking to have bold purple eyes, I wouldn't really recommend these. They do photograph wonderfully though, and the purple shows up nicely in pictures and in direct sunlight. But indoors, they just look "dark" and not all that noticeable.

The Rundown:
For every pair of circle lenses you by, Kiwiberry1's Collection gives you a free pink and white lens case! Very sturdy and adorable.

Product: 4/5
EOS Adults are very comfortable! The enlargement is minimal though, if you're looking for "dolly eyes," you might want to try a larger diameter. The color is good, but the vibrancy does vary. All of these lenses are great for taking pictures though ^^

Price: 5/5
$20 per pair is a good price and they also have various specials.

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These lenses were sent to me for review purposes from Kiwiberry1's Collection.
This is my honest review and experience with these lenses.

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