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Review + Swatches: Rock & Republic Blush in All Nighter

Hey everyone! I know, I know... reviews and swatches of these Rock & Republic blushes have been buzzing around the beauty blogosphere for quite some time now... but I just wanted to share my two cents on it ;) I made my order on 8/3/10 and it came in yesterday, 8/23/10. So it did take quite some time to get to me.

Price: I got mine from BeautyStory.com when they were holding a R&R sale, and the discount price was $20.20 (regular price from Rock & Republic is $40). I also found a promo code, so I got an extra $15 off! So I got a $40 blush for ONLY $5.20 ($11.70 including shipping)!!! SCORE!

It comes in a large outer box.

What's in it:(click to view larger)

The real deal.
This packaging just oozes LUXURY.

The back.


What they say:
  • Smooth, silky texture
  • Available in three finishes: matte, shimmer and translucent
  • Can be used to highlight or accent

The good stuff:
  • Many shades to choose from
  • Packaging is weighty and luxurious
  • Lid is magnetized, not hard to open but isn't flimsy at all
  • 9 grams of product
  • Pigmentation is FABULOUS
  • A little goes a VERY long way
  • Silky smooth texture
  • Long lasting
The low-down:
  • Very expensive
  • Packaging is a little bulky
  • Can be hard to blend
My take: Um, let's start out with the obvious: this shade is TERRIFYING in the pan! Err, well... to me, at least. It's literally a super vibrant, safety-vest ORANGE with gold shimmer. Holy crap O__o

One LIGHT finger swipe:

But not to fear, once blended out, it is a GORGEOUS shade of orangey-coral with a golden sheen. Super pretty and surprisingly, super wearable. I can see this being an everyday go-to shade of blush for me. It gives a nice fresh flush of color. To me, it's reminiscent of MAC's Marine Life High-Light Powder, except more orangey/less pink and a lot more pigmented in one swipe.

This blush MUST be used with a light hand unless you want to end up looking like a clown!

Now that swatches are out of the way, let's talk about this blush for a bit!
First off, the packaging. It's as gorgeous and luxurious as everyone says it is. Admittedly, it is quite bulky and not that purse-friendly but still... It's just nice to stare at and hold. The thing is HUGE! As large as my palm. You get 9 grams of product (compared to say, MAC Powder Blush, which is 6g).

The blush is silky smooth and is VERY easily picked up by my EcoTools blush brush. This is hands-down the most pigmented blush I own and have ever come accross. Just a light touch to the surface of the blush gets me almost TOO much color for my cheeks. I would suggest using a VERY light hand when using this shade. If you start off with too much on your brush, it'll make you look like a clown and will be harder to blend out evenly. So I very, very VERY lightly touch the surface of the blush and quickly swirl it around on my cheeks to get an even application. And because you need to use so little of this blush per application, I can see one pan lasting, well... forever, pretty much :P

On to the price. $40 is damn steep for a blush, even for a growing blush-addict like me. I would highly suggest waiting for discount beauty sites to hold R&R sales, and also find promo codes. I suppose you could say the price is justified by the packaging and the fact that the product is amazing, but still. Forty dollars is kinda ridic for just a blush.

Would I repurchase/recommend?: Yes, I would like to try more of these blushes but I will definitely wait for more sales and promo codes. There is no way I would pay full price for this, not because I have any doubts about the product... but only because I wouldn't be able to bring myself to shell out forty whole dollars (plus shipping!) for just ONE blush. However, I would reccomend this blush to anyone who's not on a beauty budget and is looking for a HIGHLY pigmented blush housed in some haute packaging!

The Rundown:

A sturdy, weighty compact. A little bulky, but oh so luxurious!

You get A LOT of product, and the pigmentation is out of this world! Silky smooth texture, not powdery or chalky at all.

While the quality is phenomenal, I still wouldn't want to pay a whopping $40 for this blush. Wait for sales and promo codes!

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