Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Good things come to those who wait... ROCK & REPUBLIC Sale @ BeautyStory.com + PROMO CODE!

Hey everyone! I know this has been buzzing around quickly lately, but I just wanted to share the awesomeness! There's a 50% off sale on Rock & Republic beauty products going on right now at beautystory.com!

Most of you know how addicted to blushes I am right now, and I've REALLY been eyeing R&R's blushes. But even with the sale on their website and the sale on Hautelook, I wasn't too keen on paying $20 + shipping for a blush. So I decided to wait on it... And it turns out, waiting is a good thing! I heard about BeautyStory from the lovely miss Chee and then discovered some awesome promo codes from Zoe of Miss Zoe's Beauty!
BTYTHX1115 for $15.00 off
BTYROCKS10 for $10.00 off

Only one code per order, and shipping to USA is a flat rate of $6.50

So I just paid $5.20 ($11.70 with shipping) for a $40 blush!!!

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