Monday, August 2, 2010

July Hits & Misses!

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to do a post on my hits and misses for July (even though it's already August :P). I've never done this kind of post before but hopefully it'll become a monthly feature from now on :)

{ J U L Y • H I T S }

MAC 239 Eye Blending Brush ($24.50)

My first MAC brush and worth every penny! This blush can pick up, pat down, and blend color like a dream. If you're looking for a great multi-use brush, this one is perfect! It has pretty much replaced the use of all my other brushes! Read my post about it here.

St. Ive's Naturally Clear Green Tea Scrub ($6.59)
I got a travel-size of this scrub from Mai, and I'd have to say... I've been really liking it lately! After my bad experience with their Green Tea Cleanser, I've only been using this scrub 2x a week to minimize any chance that I'll have another bad reaction. So far so good! I like how the exfoliating beads are so gentle. Have not been using it enough to notice if it's really reducing redness, but it does make my skin feel smooth and clean. [Review coming soon]

Tarte Double Dose in Go Go Goji ($6)
I love this stuff as a night treatment, actually. The color is very pigmented and pretty and suitable for day wear, but I prefer to use it overnight because I wake up in the morning with soft, smooth lips. Helps a lot with flaking and dryness! Slightly tacky but not intolerable like ELF's Studio 2 in 1 Conditioning gloss. Read my post about it here.

MAC Mineralize Blush in Pleasantry ($21)
LOLAnne graciously gifted me this blush... and I love it! Perfect for baby pink dolly cheeks with a hint of gold sheen. Goes nicely with a baby pink lippie too! Been wearing this at least 2x a week lately. See pictures & swatches here.

{ J U L Y • M I S S E S }

Avon Pro Brow Enhancer in Dark Brown ($8)Had such high hopes for this product but sadly, was let down. I think it'll work a lot better for those who only need to enhance their brows a little. Not for those who need to fill in their brows a lot or for someone who wants a quick and easy product... I found it took some work to make it look neat and clean. Read my post about it here.

St. Ive's Naturally Clear Green Tea Cleanser ($5.54)
Sadly, I had a really bad allergic reaction the the menthyl lactate in this cleanser. It did seem to be reducing my redness but it also gave me a really bad rash along my hairline. Wouldn't recommend for those with really sensitive skin or to those who are sensitive to menthol! Read my post about it here.

Smith's Rosebud Strawberry Lip Balm and Moisturizer ($7)
I wanted to love this product, I really did. The tin is so adorable and the product is PINK and everything about it is just so cute. As a lip balm and moisturizer, it is decent. Not the best balm I've ever tried but not the worst. I get dry patches around my mouth/nose so I tried applying it there (well, it IS a moisturizer too! :P) and it seemed to help the flakyness. However, the SMELL just kills me! It starts out sweet and strawberry and then turns really artificial and chemically... headache-worthy. It does fade but I just can't stand it... so this has been going unused :( Read my post about it here.

ELF Studio Blush Brush ($3)

I had high hopes for this brush... but it turns out I don't like it very much. It is very very soft and picks up and pats down blush nicely, but I just don't like the size. The brush head is kind of small and flat. I prefer a larger, fluffier blush brush. Nothing beats my EcoTools blush brush! Read my post about it here.

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