Thursday, August 19, 2010

Love Packages & Giveaway Prize ♥ + Some Life Stuff

Hey everyone! I feel like I haven't posted in ages. Just wanted to share some packages I got in the mail recently!

First, from the super sweet Pinky (gawd, I love her name!) of Sunnii's Adventures in Wonderland! She is SO sweet, thoughtful, and generous! She surprised me with this package as a "just because" love pack :) Thank you SO much, Pinky love! ^__^ She knew I'd been wanting to try Missha products (can't wait to try the BB cream!), and included lots of other goodies too hehe ♥

Candies! Which are, of course, gone already :)
I love love love those marshmallow candies.

Super cute teacup spoon! How dainty and adorable!

Thank you, Pinky! ♥

I also got a love pack from the lovely miss Chee! Thank you so much girl! :)

I was wondering what those little white things were lol!
I actually did think they were candy XD

NYX Runway Collection 10 Color Eyeshadow Palette in Champagne and Caviar!!! I love love all these shades! Perfect neutrals for my everyday look. The shadows are buttery smooth and super pigmented ♥

Criss cross style falsies! Been wanting to try this kind for awhile now :D

This Cure gel sounds promising :)

Thank you Chee! ♥

I also won Rai (Glam Morena)'s My Pretty Pink Box giveaway awhile back. I got the package in last week:

Lots of samples! I am so happy with the NYX loose pigment. It is SO vibrant purple and just lovely ♥ I'm also looking forward to trying the Derma Pro samples :)

Thank you lovely ladies! ♥

Hope everyone's been good. I've got a lot of reviews lined up for the next few days. And oh gosh, can't believe school is starting next week! I'm actually kind of excited lol. I've been bored most of the summer so I think going back to school will be a good change of pace. I also have some exciting (well, for me at least) news to share...

I got a (semi-dream) job :)

I've actually been working since last Thursday, but didn't want to post about it right away so I had some time to adjust and wouldn't jinx myself or anything :P It all started with my mom urging me to drop off my resume at my Uni's Graphics Department (will be referring to as "Graphics" for short) -- my parents know some of the people working there so they thought it would be a great opportunity for me to possibly work there. And it turned out that their current student worker was leaving near the end of summer. I figured there was not much chance that I would get the job since I'm an underclassman and I'd still have to apply for the position when school started. But I dropped off my resume anyway.

The next week, I got a call from Graphics that they could hire me immediately. I was floored! Apparently, they were going through some kind of grant-funded Summer Youth Employment Program that would give better job opportunities to students. So I had to go to an orientation the next day. However, in the end, they decided not to go with the program because I wouldn't get paid as much through the program vs through the University (ironically, the program was supposed to guarantee that you get paid more). So amazingly, I somehow landed this prime position in the perfect location without even having to formally apply for the job X__x Words cannot express how grateful I am for this opportunity and I will definitely be making the most of it and working and learning as much as I can :)

So anywho, I've been working at the Graphics Department for 6 days so far and will continue to work there until... who knows! It would be great to continue working there even after I finish college! So... my official title is "Graphics Design and Layout Assistant" -- It feels almost surreal because not too long ago, I finally came to a conclusion about what I wanted to do for a career. I still want to dabble in cosmetology and esthetics eventually, but my main goal was to become a Graphic Designer. I really want to design brochures, magazine ads, flyers, posters, etc. -- and I'm gaining the experience to do that in the future; right now. I'm currently working on small projects, but I hope to move on to bigger ones eventually :)

So the real funny/coincidental thing was... my horoscope. I'm not really big on that kind of thing because while I do find them entertaining; I feel like if you read it ahead of time, you tend to immediately attribute anything that happens to you; to your horoscope. But when I got my iTouch, I downloaded the horoscope app anyway, just for shits n giggles, and I check it out every now and then. It just so happened that that week, my horoscope was something along the lines of "an opportunity will come up that seems too good to miss... yada yada yada" Haha! It really struck me as so weird and wonderful.... Horoscopes can be uncannily accurate sometimes~ :)

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