Thursday, March 29, 2012

Becoming exceedingly disappointed in

I’ve ordered from this decoden supplier since 2010 and have always been happy with their products, prices, shipping time, and customer service. However, my past three orders have got me questioning their business ethics.
  • They were advertising $1.99 rhinestones and pearls with a FREE crystal box. When I received my order, there was no crystal boxes, just the rhinestones and pearls in packages. I contacted them and they said they were out of stock; so they gave me a refund, so I was okay with that. But really, why would you still continue advertising that they are going to come with a crystal box?! Take the ad down for goodness sake! And if I had not asked, would you have not given me a refund??
  • The order after that, I ordered 2 sets of decoden. Upon unpacking both sets, I was missing one pink bow piece. I emailed them about it twice, no response. I decided to let it go since it was just one piece.
  • But the last order I made, I was missing AN ENTIRE SET of decoden pieces. NEARLY $10 WORTH OF PRODUCTS. I emailed them immediately upon discovering this. On their website, they say they ensure 100% customer satisfaction and will respond to you within 24 hours. I emailed them at their general contact email, returns/exchanges email, and customer service email. NO REPLIES. It’s been almost a week since I first emailed them. I opened a dispute on Paypal and still received no replies, so I escalated the dispute to a claim and am currently awaiting any response from them (which I am not really anticipating at this point). I just hope I get my money back.
I don’t know if they’re under new management or what; but these occurrences have got me feeling really cheated and disappointed in their business. I don’t know what’s going on with their end because I haven’t received any kind of communication from them… but at this point I’m too turned-off to care.
I have one more order from them that’s currently in transit, so we’ll see how that turns out. It’s unfortunate because they have great prices and cabochons I don’t find anywhere else; so I’ll probably still be inclined to order from them in the future… but after such negative experiences, I definitely won’t be recommending them to anyone anymore.


  1. Oh man, that's really unfortunate to hear!! :( I've never actually purchased from Yukiumi, but I've been a fan since maybe ,08 or '09? in I wanted to purchase from them, but it was a little pricey, since at that time I was only looking at their full nail sets. I did however always think of them as a highly reputable company from reviews I read on eBay and forums, etc. it's really sad they're taking a turn for the worse. :(

    I actually made a couple purchases from Fullmoon nails in the past, and highly recommend her shop! You can just google the name and her shop will pop up ^^ the prices are cheap, and whenever she updates she'll usually have an option for a free gift bag for first xx customers~ if you're still having problems with Yukiumi, try her shop :) Hopefully they'll respond to the Paypal claim quickly so as to get it over with >_< No doubt you'll win the case though, don't worry! ^___^ <3

  2. that's so unfortunate. it's just so nerve racking when you spend your hard earned money on a company and it just seems like there's nothing you can do....i hope you do get some kind of response soon though.

  3. Hi, my name is Cristina
    I'm having the same problem. I ordered a pair of contact lenses last Tuesday, and I still haven't received them yet, and I'm getting really worried :(. I already send them a couple of messages through email,and facebook, and I get nothing. I hope they don't rip me off. Because to me $32 is a lot of money. I use to order stuff from them before, and I would always receive my order like the second day. Now Its been more than 3days.

  4. @Katie - Thanks for your comment! I actually do order from Fullmoon, she's currently one of my favorite suppliers!! :)

    @Monica - Thank you. Hopefully I'll hear from Paypal soon!

    @Christina - if they don't reply to you within a week, I would immediately open a dispute on Paypal, and if you still do not get a response, escalate it to a claim right away. This is the only way you will possibly be able to get your money back. Good luck!

  5. This is Cristina again, I forgot to send you another message, I finally got a reply to them like, like two weeks ago. They said that my order will be shipped in two weeks, and if I want my money back, I can just return the package back to them when i receive it. This is my last week, I just checked on my account on Yukiumi, and it says that the shipment is done(it was send on 3/29/2012). And I'm still waiting for it to arrive, I didn't get anything today, it should of arrived like Friday or Sat. So I think I'm gonna have to call the post office and see if they have my package or not. But yeah, this is the last time I'm ordering from them.

  6. thank you so much for posting this. i was about to order something from their website but after reading your post i will def not purchase from that site.


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