Saturday, March 31, 2012

UPDATES: Becoming exceedingly disapppointed in

So today I received a replacement of the missing items from my order in the mail! The package was postmarked 3/26/12 so I know they sent it out well after I filed a dispute on Paypal. It's not all the same pieces as pictured in the set advertised on their website, but it'll do. I'm just relieved that I finally got something.
However, I'm more disappointed that I did not receive a direct reply from them. No apology, no explanation. All my emails to them went unanswered. I'm still disgruntled that I had to open a claim on Paypal to get this far. Had I NOT done so, I don't think that they would have responded to any of my emails nor sent me the items or given me a refund. So I'm still sketchy about their business ethics and still would advise others to be wary when buying from Make sure to check your order to see that you get everything you purchased and if you're suspicious of anything, don't hesitate to file a claim right away!

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